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DEBT RELIEF: Los Angeles California is the most crowded city in all of California. 1 out of 4 consumers between the age of 20-30 years old — has one or more third party debt collection accounts showing up on their credit report.

What’s the good news?

The good news is that debt settlement services and debt relief programs may reduce a person’s unsecured debt balances by more than 40% or reduce their interest rates, depending on their needs and what program they are eligible for. You may qualify for a new inclusive monthly payment that gets you out of debt within 36 months.

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If you just overspent and messed up, you may simply need debt relief and credit advice. Some people will not need a program, but rather need financial advice on how to pay off debt on their own. At Golden Financial Services we teach Los Angeles debt relief options. Los Angeles debt settlement and consolidation programs are for the more extreme hardship cases;– people who need a program to become debt-free.

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  • Get free quote provided by Golden Financial Services; an A+ BBB rated San Diego & Los Angeles CA-based debt relief, consolidation & settlement company.
  • Get rid of all your unsecured debt and rebuild your credit using secured debt.
  • Learn your debt relief options for free from an IAPDA certified counselor

We will give you a comfortable payment plan to become debt free in around three years or less, see the light at the end of the tunnel.

San Diego & Los Angeles California consumers have the opportunity to fix their debt issues now. Learn about all of your debt relief, consolidation and settlement options by calling 866-376-9846.

Debt Relief: Los Angeles California Debt Consolidation & Settlement.

What about a debt restructuring program for consumers in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles Debt Relief Program: Debt restructuring programs are for consumers with a financial hardship. A Specialist at Golden Financial Services will first review your credit report to find all of your unsecured debts that qualify for the program. A full quote will then be provided illustrating your one new monthly payment to resolve all of your unsecured debt. You will find out how many payments it will take to become debt-free, you may even qualify for multiple programs, and you can then pick the plan that makes you feel the most comfortable.

Benefits of the hardship debt restructuring program for Los Angeles & California Consumers

  • Put an end to multiple payments and only have one monthly payment to worry about
  • Have professionals dealing with your debt and working to resolve the balances, rather than you having to do the job
  • Become debt-free in 3-years and possibly faster
  • Get rid of all the accounts that you cannot pay on your own
  • There are even programs to take care of your student loans

This type of California debt relief service is only for unsecured debt,
however, there are other Los Angeles debt relief programs available at Golden Financial Services to help people with student loan debt.