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National Debt Relief Programs for Credit Cards & Unsecured Debts
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Are National Debt Relief Programs needed in this country?

On this page, we will next show you a few interesting statistics.  After seeing these numbers, you will realize that you are not alone.  We will then give you information that could be the solution to your financial stress. 

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Statistics in the United States (US):
– Approximately 2.7 trillion dollars’ worth of revolving and non-revolving credit is circulating this country. (Not counting mortgage or real estate accounts) This is a five-year high!
– $15,799 is the average credit card debt per household.
– $54,000 is the average total debt per household.
– Over 600 million credit cards are floating around this country.
– The 60-day delinquency rate is at 4.27%.

These high statistics are why Golden Financial Services focuses on offering the most efficient national debt relief programs.  As a country, we need to improve our financial well-being! 

Here at Golden Financial Services, we strive to give an exceptional service to the public.  We partner with our clients every step of the way.  Your success is our success.

National Debt Relief Programs 

National Debt Relief Programs include Debt Settlement Services and Consumer Credit Counseling Programs. 

We will look at settlement services on this page. 

To learn about consumer credit counseling we recommend that you watch and listen to this video next. (Skim to 9 minutes into the video and you can learn all about consumer credit counseling.)

Bankruptcy is also an option, but at Golden Financial Services we believe that consumers should stay away from this route. Bankruptcy is the most difficult option to recover from.   At the end of the day your goal is to get of debt and recover in the fastest possible time-frame, right?

We will also take a look at the effect a settlement service can have on a person’s credit score. 

Debt Settlement

A debt settlement program can act as life vest to save a person when they are drowning in bills and on the urge of having to file for bankruptcy.   

–  With this type of program, a person can have their total balance owed reduced.

–  Professional negotiators will negotiate with your creditors.

–  Our negotiators have established relationships and leverage with the creditors, where they can solidify larger discounts than other companies or if you were to try to negotiate on your own.

–  Our negotiators get rewarded based on how much money they save for our clients.  This puts the best interest of the debtor first, while also paying our negotiators when they produce outstanding results.  This type of performance based program ensures that our customers are successful or we all lose.  At Golden Financial Services we like to win!

–  Through this process you will have only one monthly payment and it will be smaller than what you would be paying when staying current on your accounts.   Your one monthly payment will go towards settling all of your bills.

How will this type of debt program affect my credit?

Debt settlement can have an adverse impact on your payment history.   (More so if you’ve never been late, not so much if you’ve already fallen behind on your accounts.)

This type of program can also have a positive affect on your debt-to-income-ratio because your account will report as paid to a zero balance on your credit report after a settlement occurs.

You can also rebuild your credit score immediately after graduating on this type of program.

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