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Make Over $14K Per Month - Best Debt Jobs
Here’s how you can earn over $14,000 per month at Golden Financial Services, but first – who’s Golden Financial Services (GFS)?

GFS is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and rated #1 by Trusted Company reviews for debt relief. Just Google “Golden Financial Services” to see what clients have to say!

GFS offers national debt relief programs that give consumers the power to crush their unsecured debts and quickly achieve financial freedom. Plans even include credit repair and money back guarantee.

What the job consists of and responsibilities 

  • call prospects after they apply online and answer incoming calls for debt relief
  • educate consumers on all debt relief options
  • assist consumers with enrolling in the program of their choice
  • know the guidelines, protocols and how each program works
  • learn how to use lead management system, phone system and dialer, and the CRMs’ for each program
  • learn lead management best practices and how to work pipeline of leads in the most strategic way
  • Be Your Own Boss – Retirement Benefits – Opportunity to Grow a Team – Work From Home – Ability to EARN $14,000+ Per Month

Here’s how you can earn $14,000+ per month ($168,000+ per year)

  • After getting hired you’ll be paid a base salary to support you until your commissions exceed this amount.
  • It will take you 6-9 months (average) to be able to sign up 2-3 clients per day and start earning your maximum income potential.
  • You get paid 1.5% of the total debt enrolled, for each client that you enroll in a program. The average debt load per client is $26,000.
  • The 1.5% is paid to you as a residual commission over 1-5 months, depending on each client’s program term (on average, you’ll be paid your total commission over 3-months). The “term” refers to, how many months a client’s program will last. For example, if you sign-up a client on an 18-month program, you’ll be paid your entire commission over 2-months, while a 36-month program would payout your total commission over 5-months.
  • Top agents enroll 2-5 clients per day. If you enroll two clients per day and the average debt load per client is $26,000 (This has been the average debt load over the last six months) – you would be setting up $780 in projected commissions per day. (example: $26,000 in debt * 2 clients per day = $52,000 in debt * 1.5% = $780 in projected commissions per day)
  • If you sign up two clients per day, five days per week, that’s ten clients per week = $3,900 per week in projected commissions ($15,600 Per Month, Paid Over 3 Months as a Short-Term Residual)
  • Since the $15,600 in projected commissions is paid over 3-months, that equates to $5,200 per month in commissions over the next three months. By continuing at this same production level, signing up ten clients per week, after three months you will have set up $46,800 in total projected commissions ($15,600 * 3 months = $46,800).
  • These numbers don’t include bonuses. You can earn thousands of dollars in additional bonus money every month, on top of your regular $14,000+ in commissions and salary.
  • Approximately 10% of clients either cancel or can’t make their monthly payment for one reason or another, so to be as realistic as possible, now deduct 10% of your commission, leaving you with $14,040 in actual “paid commissions” per month when working at Golden Financial Services.