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San Antonio Texas Debt Consolidation, Debt Settlement & Debt Relief Programs Can Get You Out of Debt Within 3-years or less.
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DEBT RELIEF: San Antonio Texas is the city with the highest credit card debt per household in the nation, according to San Francisco California is the city with the lowest credit card debt per household.

Due to this high credit card debt crisis, Golden Financial Services has opened up a statewide free helpline. If you live in San Antonio, you are now eligible to speak with an IAPDA certified debt counselor for free and enroll in 1 of 4 debt relief, settlement, and consolidation programs.

San Antonio TX debt relief program qualification guidelines

Here are the two questions that you need to answer “yes” to, in order to qualify for one of the San Antonio debt relief programs.

Live in San Antonio?

Owe above $10,000 in unsecured debt?

It’s not hard to qualify for one of the programs. There are multiple plans available, depending on your creditors, how much debt you owe and what your goals are, will determine which route is right for you.

To get started, San Antonio residents can call 866-376-9846!

Debt settlement, validation & consolidation programs will aid San Antonio consumers with improving their overall financial health. Plans include a money-back guarantee and credit repair.

Downsides to Debt Relief Programs in San Antonio

Any debt relief program will have some negative effect on a person’s credit score. Not only will a debt relief program negatively affect a person’s credit score, but so will only paying minimum payments on maxed-out credit card debt. Often consumers feel that their credit is in perfect shape, but then after running their credit report,, our counselors find out that they have negative marks already on their confidence and their credit utilization ratio is sky high!

You must weigh the pros vs. cons of each option before deciding on any particular route. You can start by comparing the amount that can

be saved on each debt relief program by using this online debt payoff calculator here.

Golden Financial Services can tailor a program for you that includes resolving all of your bills within three years and credit restoration.

Have you made poor financial decisions in the past?

Debt Snowball

If you just made poor choices, you may only need financial advice. If possible, it’s best to avoid all debt relief programs and instead try using Dave Ramsey’s debt snowball method. This method can help you pay off your credit cards quickly and improve credit scores. You can use this free snowball calculator tool to get started!

Debt Avalanche

At Golden Financial Services, we advise consumers to pay off the credit card that is costing them the most money first, meaning the account with the highest interest rate.

Find the extra money, and put it all towards paying off your account that has the highest interest rate, while paying minimum payments on the other debts. The snowball method focusses on paying off the debt with the highest balance first, which Dave Ramsey recommends you do. Whether you go after the account with the highest interest rate first or the account with the highest balance first, once you make up your mind, stick to the plan.


Debt relief free quotes are available at Golden Financial Services, call 866-376-9846 now!

Golden Financial Services has been providing debt relief options for Texas Consumers since 2004.
San Antonio Texas residents may call the Debt Relief Hotline for immediate assistance and free information. The toll-free phone number to call is 1-866-376-9846. You can change your future and fix your debt problems; it just takes learning how to do so.

A+ BBB Rated San Antonio Texas Debt Relief, Settlement & Consolidation Company

  • San Antonio consumers are eligible for free quotes provided by Golden Financial Services, an A+ BBB rated debt relief company.
  • Golden Financial Services can give you a reduced monthly payment to take care of all your debt in under three years.
  • Call 866-376-9846 if you have overwhelming debt & live in San Antonio Texas. Debt Relief Specialists are awaiting your call now, and these programs may not be around for much longer!

What about debt settlement for consumers in San Antonio, Texas?

Debt settlement is a hardship program, but it can lower your credit score. Ask yourself, do you currently have credit? What has your credit provided you in the last year? You could reduce your balances and become debt free within 3-years or less with debt settlement, but take a hit on your credit score. Or you can stay in debt for the next 5+ years and preserve what you believe to be your “good credit.”

What other options are there for people in San Antonio, besides for debt settlement?

Debt settlement isn’t the only option available for San Antonio consumers.  You also have debt consolidation and debt validation for delinquent credit card debt. There are private and federal student loan relief programs available as well.

San Antonio, Texas -- A+ BBB Rated Debt Relief Company -- Certified and Accredited with IAPDA & AFSLR
San Antonio, Texas — A+ BBB Rated Debt Relief Company — Certified and Accredited with IAPDA & AFSLR

Call 1-866-376-9846 to get a debt relief program specially tailored to accomplish your needs and goals — and to best assist you in San Antonio, Texas.


Golden Financial Services and it’s staff; are Certified and Accredited by the International Association for Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA) and the Association for Student Loan Relief (AFSLR).

Benefits of Debt Settlement for San Antonio & Texas Consumers

  • Have the simplicity of making only one feasible monthly payment, and let the debt specialists deal with the complexity behind figuring out what debts to settle first to save you the most money
  • Get credit card forgiveness, also known as settling your delinquent balance at a fraction of what you owe to become debt-free
  • Get all of your delinquent credit card debts paid off in full in 2-3 years (on average)
  • Get rid of your high-interest credit cards
  • Have more money each month, save more and build retirement funds

OK, it’s now time to get started on getting rid of your debt. If you live in San Antonio Texas, debt relief programs are only a phone call away!



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