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Executive Assistant

Kayla Hendrickson graduated summa cum laude from Pepperdine University.  She has worked for many years with experts in the Finance, Insurance, and Debt Relief Industries and received personalized training from these authorities in their fields.  After a previous career in education, Kayla was attracted to the Debt Relief field by the opportunity to bring justice to those struggling in cycles of abusive lending practices.  She excels in listening to the concerns of every person she speaks with and treating them with dignity and respect.

Due to the industry-leading methods and network of programs at Golden Financial Services, Kayla is able to assist clients with credit card, personal loans, medical debt, deficiencies from repossessions, federal and private student loans, and credit restoration.

Kayla is one of the primary prequalification consultants at Golden Financial Services. Kayla also assists in the Golden Financial Services compliance department, specializing in creating analytical reports, monitoring compliance and creating presentations on her findings.

How to get a free consultation from Kayla Hendrickson?

Kayla is available at 866-376-9846 to consult on the best debt relief process available in your state to meet your specific needs.

From compliance to training to assisting the debt counselors in qualifying consumers for the right debt relief program, Kayla is a vital part of the Golden Financial Services’ team!

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