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Programs to reduce your debt are available today at Golden Financial Services. Do you have over $7,500 in unsecured debt? If yes, continue reading.

There are a total of four debt relief programs in 2019.

  • 1. You can consolidate credit card debt with a loan
  • 2. Debt settlement can lower your balances
  • 3. Consumer credit counseling can reduce credit card interest rates, without a loan
  • 4. Debt reduction programs get you out of debt for only around half of what you owe

Is your credit score above 710 and you can comfortably afford paying more than minimum payments?

If yes, here’s your best option to reduce debt.

1. A home equity line of credit can be used to pay off existing debt. This is a great option because it comes with a low interest rate and an affordable monthly payment. The one downside is that you’ll be switching your unsecured credit card debt for a secured loan, potentially risking losing your home if you ever had to stop paying on the home equity line of credit.

2-3 months behind on credit Card payments and want to be current?

You can use consumer credit counseling to re-age your monthly payments and get back into a “current status”. This program can help your credit score.

Can’t afford minimum payments?

You have two debt reduction plans that can lower what you owe by near half.

One credit card debt reduction programs can save you up to 45%. All of these credit card hardship plans require you to be behind on monthly payments. As a result, expect your credit score to be negatively affected for at least 12 months. Once your accounts are all resolved you can establish new credit and we build your credit score.

Golden Financial Services can offer you a plan where towards the end of the program you will be issued a new installment loan for the purpose of rebuilding your credit and establishing new positive payment history.

Ready to check debt reduction eligibility?

Your first step is to call 866-376-9846 and get your FREE Credit Report.

Golden Financial Services can provide you with a free credit report, to avoid fees that other sites may charge you. Within seconds after getting your credit report our system will let us know what debt relief program you qualify for if any. You can then choose which plan is best for your situation.

An IAPDA certified counselor will then enroll you into one of the programs or you can be referred to a nonprofit credit counselor for the credit counseling program.

You are not obligated to pay any fees or sign up for any of our recommended programs during your consultation.

To learn your debt relief options, simply dial 866-376-9846. It’s that easy!

Learn how to Get Rid of Debt including credit cards, personal loans, bank loans and student loan debt.

Examples of Qualified Debts Include:

  • credit cards (may be past due or current on accounts)
  • private and federal student loans
  • all unsecured debt including financial loans and bank loans (may be past due or current on accounts)
  • collection accounts

See what plan you qualify for and find out how much money you can potentially save in a matter of minutes. After speaking with you & discussing your individual situation, we can detail a program to fit your specific needs. There is no magic wand that can be used to get rid of your debt, but there are viable options that range from paying off debt on your own, to debt relief programs.  

When working with Golden Financial Services, you will be working with industry leaders in creating an exit strategy to your debt problem & seeing that there indeed is light at the end of this tunnel. Whatever your questions or concerns are, do not hesitate to express them, this isn’t a situation that most people are experienced or familiar with so we are quite aware of any skepticism you may have, an Experienced Debt Outreach Specialist will provide you any & all information so you can make a decision that you are confident & comfortable with.

Call the Free National Debt Help Line Now at 866-376-9846!

You don’t have to keep running on the debt treadmill, where you just keep running and never seem to get rid of your debts. It’s a never ending cycle.

What benefits will I receive after enrolling onto a debt relief program?

  • Have one affordable payment each month.
  • Pay Nothing if results are not achieved.
  • Become Debt-Free Without a Loan.
  • In some cases, collection calls will stop.

Now some information about Golden Financial Services (GFS)…

GFS has been providing industry leading debt relief programs & services for over 12yrs. The fact is there needs to be great responsibility & care when dealing with someone’s current financial dilemma, & “GFS” does that diligently, “GFS” also takes great pride in knowing the assistance provided to our clients can also result in a more stable financial future, the A+ rating by the BBB & being FTC compliant evidences this.

  • Golden Financial Services (GFS) has been offering free debt relief advice since 2004
  • Highly rated at the Better Business Bureau. (Click on link below to be taken directly to BBB)
  • The company also just won the award for #1 debt relief company in America.

BBB “A+ Rated & Voted #1 Debt Relief Company for 2 Years in a Row!

Make your life easier and improve your overall finances, by utilizing the experts at Golden Financial Services, Simply call now 866-376-9846.

Getting rid of debt can be a difficult task to accomplish without the proper guidance. Here at Golden Financial Services consumers can get a professional consultation for free, with no obligation and become financially educated.

You will not be pressured into a program, but rather educated on all of your debt relief options in order for YOU to make the most informed choice.

For example, if you have credit card debt, you may want to consolidate, settle or simply reduce your payment through consumer credit counseling. If you have student loan debt there are several programs available including private student loan relief options and federal consolidation plans. An experienced debt enrollment specialist at Golden Financial Services will review your current financial situation and develop a feasible debt relief program specific to your needs, allowing you to become debt-free within 36 months on average.

When it comes to getting out of debt, don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Pick up the phone and call the free national debt help line, at 866-376-9846.

Use what has worked for thousand’s of other consumers, Golden Financial Services and it’s debt relief partners can bring you freedom from debt. You can finally reach your dream of being debt-free, and within just a few years. Start by making this free call, and get rid of your debt for once and for all!! 866-376-9846

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