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Rhode Island was recently picked as the 4th worst state in the nation to live. Before we dive into the best debt relief programs for Rhode Island consumers to turn to, first let’s take a look at a few of the reasons for why Rhode Island was picked as the 4th worst state to live. See full article here.
> Average credit card debt per household: $5,455
> Average student loan debt for a college graduate: $31,841
> Debt per capita: $9,068 (2nd highest)
> Unemployment rate: 5.3% (17th highest)
> Incidence of poverty by household income: 14.3% (24th lowest)
> State tax on average income: $1,858.88
> Average household income: $54,891 (19th highest)
It is worth notating that more people are moving out of Rhode Island than moving in, resulting in a drop in home prices. Take a look at the debt relief programs available for consumers who live in Rhode Island.

Best Rhode Island Debt Relief, Settlement, and Consolidation Company

Live in Rhode Island? Debt relief programs are very useful in Rhode Island. Debt settlement, debt validation, debt consolidation, consumer credit counseling and bankruptcy are all available for Rhode Island residents.


With debt settlement, Rhode Island consumers can resolve their balances for less than owed.

Requirements include;
– Total accumulative debt must be above $2,000
– Only unsecured debt is eligible for the program
– Individual account balances must be above $200 per account
– Debts ranging from credit card debt to student loan debt is all qualified for the program (nearly any type of unsecured debt qualifies)
– With debt settlement, Rhode Island consumers must have a hardship


With consumer credit counseling, Rhode Island consumers can reduce their interest rates and consolidate their payments into one. With this type of program, it’s not a loan. Non-profit counselors negotiate a lower interest rate on each of your accounts. They take over communication with your creditors.
You then make one payment to the company each month, and the company deals with your multiple payments, dispersing the funds to your creditors. You get to stay current on your payments and this is a huge benefit with this type of program.

Requirements include;
– This program is for credit cards only
– Cannot be in collection status
– Late fees can be waived if approved for the program
– Total balance must be above $2500


With debt consolidation, Rhode Island consumers can have all of their debt paid off in full through a loan.

Requirements include;
– Must have a high credit score (above 700 FICO score on average is recommended by Golden Financial Services)
– Must have sufficient income to show a low debt to income ratio
– Must have a low debt to credit ratio (credit limits cannot be all maxed out)
Keep in mind that with debt consolidation, it is only a viable option if your new loan is one with a low-interest rate. In terms that are easy to understand, to get a low-interest rate loan, your credit needs to be in good shape. If you have bad credit, debt consolidation is not a smart option.


Lastly, Rhode Island debt validation programs can be extremely effective. This type of program utilizes federal laws to challenge third-party debt collection companies. The objective is to protect a person’s consumer rights and ensure the third-party debt collection companies are abiding by the federal laws. If they are not, with debt validation, the debts can become legally uncollectible, and an uncollectible debt is on that a person doesn’t have to pay.
If you have third-party debt collection accounts, debt validation can be the least expensive and most efficient method of dealing with these accounts.

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