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Accredited Debt Relief Services -- offered by Golden Financial Services.
Debt Relief Services Can Give You a Fresh Start Financially. Call (866) 376-9846 to Learn Your Options. 

Debt relief services can rescue a person from being forced to file for bankruptcy, but each program includes benefits and downsides. This free debt relief service guide will explain the pros and cons of each program.

With debt relief services creditors don’t get paid every month. Consequently, credit scores can go down. Creditors may issue you a summons while enrolled in a debt settlement or validation program. There is no guarantee a debt relief service will work. Creditors don’t have to settle at a certain rate. Not all creditors will agree to reduce the interest rate proposed by a consumer credit counseling service.

Reputable credit counselors will explain the potential downsides of a debt relief program before enrolling a consumer into the plan.  And the best debt relief companies provide clients a detailed plan on how they help combat downsides. The potential downsides of a debt relief service should not be a scary subject as long as you’re with a company that has experience dealing with them.

What is the best debt relief service? (watch video)


Certified & Accredited Debt Relief Services

Debt relief programs are ideal for anyone that;

A) owes more than $7,500 in high-interest credit cards or combined unsecured debt (i.e., medical bills, collection accounts, car repossession, unsecured loans)

B) can’t afford to pay more than minimum payments, or has fallen behind on payments and is getting harassing phone calls from collection agencies.

What states offer debt relief services?

Do you need debt help? Services are available in most states, but not all. Each state has its own set of laws and licensing requirements.

There are also different laws for each program. For example, non-profit consumer credit counseling companies must be registered with the Department of Justice (DOJ).

States have their own rules for regulating debt settlement companies. For example, in Texas, debt settlement companies need to get licensed at, the official Texas state government system. Golden Financial Services is a licensed debt management company in Texas. 

How to contact Golden Financial Services:

If you’re struggling with mountains of debt, paying high interest rates, or getting harassing phone calls from collection agencies — it’s time to consider debt relief services. IAPDA Certified Professionals are available to assist you — Call Golden Financial Services For Your Free Consultation at (866) 376-9846

What debt relief services are available at Golden Financial Services?

As of 2021, you have a few options to choose from through Golden Financial Services. You can use debt settlement or validation. The preferred option is validation due to; 

A) Less expensive and could result in a debt coming off credit reports, wherewith a settlement program, collection accounts remain on credit reports in most cases after the account is paid 

B) No tax consequences if an account is invalidated 

C) Faster results than a settlement program 

Click here to read more about a validation program:

Click here to read: “Best Way to Get Out Of Credit Card Debt” (highlighting how validation works if you can’t afford to pay your bills due to “no money” or “limited income”)

At Golden Financial Services, we understand that paying off your debt can be an overwhelming process, and sometimes feel like you’re not making any progress.

That is why we want to provide you with all the resources and information necessary to make the best decisions regarding your financial future. If you decide a debt relief service is not your best option, consider using our budget and free snowball calculator tool.

Debt relief solutions at Golden Financial Services allow you to become debt-free in a reasonable time frame and manage your debt through one easy and affordable monthly payment.

Are debt relief services legitimate?

Our debt relief services have a proven track record dating back to 2004.

Review the following credentials: 

  • Specializing in credit card debt settlement and debt relief solutions since 2004.
  • Some debt relief programs come with a Money-Back Guarantee.
  • We will maximize your savings so you can become debt-free fast. 
  • Only pay if results are achieved. 
  • IAPDA Accredited and Certified. 
  • Licensed for debt management in certain states.
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+ Rated (Verify at




best accredited debt relief programs in the nation
Outstanding National Debt & Credit Relief Services Customer Service Department 

What factor makes one debt relief service better than another?

The programs offered by Golden Financial Services all offer outstanding customer service. Debt relief services require a sufficient number of customer service representatives and departments to be in place to be successful. Dealing with a person’s financial situation can be a complex subject that only the most reputable companies seem to do right.

Here’s an example:

The debt validation program customer service departments include: Accounting Department, Credit Auditing, Credit Dispute, Quality Care, Client Retention, QC, Credit Dispute, Validation Department, Creditor, and Legal Department, and these are just a few examples of the different departments inside customer service. There are multiple departments all working to do specific functions to properly service clients during each stage of their program.

Certain departments need to handle paperwork, like credit and debt disputes. In addition, departments need to be in charge of updating clients, communicating with creditors, providing financial education, auditing the program’s results to ensure everything’s going accordingly to the plan, and just reviewing each stage of the program from accounting to quality assurance. This all takes many years to establish, and much experience is needed.

Most importantly, large debt relief companies have thousands of clients. These clients often have questions, so a customer service department needs to have a sufficient number of educated counselors available to talk when clients call, which many debt relief companies fail to maintain. Customer service is key to operating a successful debt relief service, and this is where most companies fail.

How can you tell whether or not a company has outstanding customer service? National debt relief companies with poor customer service can be easily spotted by checking that company’s profile at Then, look at the reviews and complaints, and there the truth will often get revealed.

Clients are quick to go to the BBB and submit a negative review/complaint when there is a problem, so by checking out a company at the BBB; you can quickly see negative reviews about the company’s customer service.

What is the BBB rating for Golden Financial Services?   

debt relief services BBB
A+ Rated by BBB

The companies that we work with all have outstanding customer service departments. As a result, you won’t find many complaints or negative reviews about Golden Financial Services. As of 2020, we are A+ rated at the BBB (click to verify) and were rated #1 by Trusted Company Reviews.

Talk to an IAPDA Certified Counselor For Free About Debt Relief Services by Calling (866) 376-9846 Between the Hours 8 am – 6 pm.

How to find out if a debt relief service is reputable or a scam?

It’s always good to check a company out at the Better Business Bureau. Unfortunately, there are also copycat companies, like, for example, Progressive Debt Relief. This company appears to be associated with the well-known and reputable “Progressive” (the car insurance company), but they are not. If you visit Progressives Debt Relief’s BBB profile, you can quickly see the complaints and recognize the problems people face when using this company.

What type of debt is eligible for a consumer debt relief program?

If you have unsecured debt, you can benefit from Golden Financial Services’ debt relief programs. Unsecured debts; are loans that are not backed by an underlying asset.

Eligible Accounts for Debt Relief Services Through Golden Financial

  • Credit card bills (Payday loan debt relief services also available
  • Store and gas card bills
  • Medical bills
  • Utility bills
  • Private Student Loans
  • Unsecured personal loans
  • Car Repossessions 

Secured debt, such as mortgages and car loans, cannot be included.

Avoid bankruptcy with a debt relief program. 

When you enroll in a debt relief program — you avoid bankruptcy by resolving your debt through either debt consolidation, debt negotiation, or debt settlement. Bankruptcy should be a last resort option.

Debt Settlement Relief

A debt settlement service can reduce your unsecured debt balances — down to a fraction of what’s owed. As a client, we make it simple for you to manage your payments. You will only have to pay one monthly payment. 

Your monthly payments accumulate in a trust account, and only when there is enough money available and the creditor agrees to a reduced payoff will we notify you that it’s time to settle.

One reduced lump sum payment will then be released from your account — and paid directly to the creditor — resulting in a “zero dollar balance” — reported as “settled in full” and sometimes removed from your credit report entirely. 

You can speed up a debt settlement program by putting extra funds into your debt settlement trust account on top of your scheduled payments. There are no pre-payment penalties of any kind.  Just notify your case manager that you have extra money to put towards the program and deposit the funds. Our negotiators will then pick up the pace and get aggressive with negotiations. 

You have total control over your program — we do the fun part — dealing with your creditors and getting your debt reduced! Learn more about debt settlement next.

Call the National Debt Helpline Between the Hours 8 am – 6 pm Toll-Free (866) 376-9846


Debt Validation for Debt Relief

Some consumers will qualify for a program called debt validation. With debt validation, a third-party debt collection company is forced to prove if an alleged debt is verifiable and a legally collectible debt — if not, you may not have to pay it! 

The debt is “disputed, ” and the debt collection companies are now forced to prove;

— they have the accurate accounting 

— they are reporting accurate information to the credit bureaus

— they are maintaining appropriate licensing to collect on debt

They abide by federal laws, including; — the Credit Card Act — Fair Debt Collection Practices Act — Fair Credit Reporting Act — Truth in Lending Act, and other laws.

A debt validation program is not saying that you never used a credit card that may have been turned over to a collection agency — the program is designed to make sure the debt collection company is doing everything they are supposed to be doing under federal laws.

Learn about debt validation next.


How do the Golden Financial Services debt relief programs work? 

  • A team of case managers will handle all communication with your creditors
  • You will be responsible for only one affordable monthly payment
  • With a debt settlement program, your debt will be settled at a significantly reduced amount than the principle
  • If you require a debt management program, Golden Financial Services can refer you to a non-profit debt management company (AKA: Credit Card Consolidation or Consumer Credit Counseling) that is “A” Plus BBB rated & accredited. With debt management, consumers will benefit from lower interest rates, reduced monthly payments, and the elimination of excessive fees.

How does debt consolidation work? 

Debt consolidation is a loan to pay off other debt. The point of debt consolidation is to eliminate high-interest accounts.

It’s effortless.

Apply for a low-interest loan.

Once approved — use the low-interest loan to pay off your high-interest accounts — leaving you with one low-interest loan to pay back.

What about using a home equity line of credit to pay off credit card debt? 

If you have equity in your home, using a home equity line of credit to pay off high-interest accounts would be your best option in most cases — due to the interest rate usually being the lowest on a home equity line of credit compared to other types of loans.  

Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with Golden Financial Services to learn about your debt relief and debt consolidation options.

Golden Financial Services offers an array of debt relief services to ensure you are put in the right plan to fit your circumstances and goals.

Can a debt relief service eliminate credit card debt? 

Debt settlement services can eliminate a portion of your debt, but keep in mind that the amount that gets forgiven is considered “taxable income.” 

To learn more about our services and find out what debt relief options you qualify for, including consumer credit counseling, debt validation, debt settlement solutions, and debt settlement negotiation, call Golden Financial Services at 866-376-9846.

Our mission is to provide you with all of the information necessary to fully understand the benefits and risks associated with each debt relief option. 

We firmly believe that an educated consumer is far less likely to find themselves back in debt. That is why we offer free consultations, videos, and other educational materials to instill finance fundamentals.

How to qualify for a debt relief order?

What is a debt relief order? A debt relief order is similar to filing for bankruptcy, but it’s a cheaper alternative suitable for debtors with few or no assets.

Debt relief orders (DROs) are only available in the United Kingdom (UK). DROs are not available in the United States.

Questions to ask before enrolling in a debt relief service

How will a summons be dealt with if I receive one while on the program?

What happens if my account is proven to be legally collectible while on a validation program?

What happens if a new collection company takes over an invalidated debt, and tries to collect on the debt after I’ve finished the program?

What happens if creditors don’t accept the consumer credit counseling proposal  (i.e., reduced interest rate)?

How will debt relief services affect my credit score?

What is the detailed game plan to rebuild my credit score while on a debt relief service?

Will I have to pay taxes on the amount saved with debt settlement?

Credit Card Debt Relief Services Disclosures & Possible Negative Consequences:

During your free consultation, the differences in each debt relief program will be explained in detail. Consumers need to understand these differences. 

  • With debt settlement services, your creditors will not get paid every month but rather in lump sum payments at the time when settlements occur.
  • Late fees and interest could occur, increasing your balances while enrolled in a debt negotiation or settlement program. However, at the time of a settlement, the interest and late fees are included in the final negotiated settlement, leaving you with a zero-dollar balance once the settlement is funded.
  • Your credit score will most likely be negatively impacted while enrolled in a debt settlement program.
  • Debt reduction programs do include fees. For example, you could pay approximately 70-75% of your total debt, including company fees, with a settlement program. Be sure to review the total cost of a debt relief service. Understand what money is getting paid to the creditor and how the fees are collected to ensure you understand the full cost. 
  • The savings could be reported as income when settlements occur while enrolled in a debt settlement/negotiation program. If this happens, past clients will fill out the #982 IRS form to show they are insolvent. There are no potential tax consequences when an account is invalidated. 
  • Creditors can sue a person while enrolled in a debt settlement program. Ensure the program has lawsuit defense or a plan to resolve a summons and make sure the company explains this to you. 
  • Not all states offer the same plans. For example, California debt relief programs are different from Wisconsin’s. In addition, states like Wisconsin have limited debt relief options available.
  • There is no guarantee that creditors will settle for a certain percentage or that any program can remove derogatory information from your credit report. Therefore, debt relief services cannot guarantee results such as these. 

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