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debt settlement programs at Golden Financial Services
Golden Financial Services is well-known for debt settlement. Programs at Golden Financial Services can reduce your balances to a fraction of what’s owed.

A debt settlement program, also known as debt negotiation, is one of the debt settlement solutions preferred by most consumers as it’s one of the quickest ways to get out of debt while saving the most money. With a debt settlement program, your debt will be reduced down to a fraction of what you currently owe through debt negotiation.

Debt settlement services are custom built to best meet the needs of the consumer depending on their financial situation and the level of debt they are in. You get to choose from flexible and affordable monthly payment options that get clients out of debt in around four years or less.

Golden Financial Services will work with you to find the most cost-effective and affordable debt settlement program to fit your financial needs. Our IAPDA certified counselors will go over exactly what you need to know before enrolling, explaining the benefits and downsides.

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Golden Financial Services works hand in hand with trusted partners that specialize in debt settlement solutions. Our partners’ proven means of debt settlement negotiation have been tested and developed over years of experience and over the past six months alone have successfully dealt with 96 million dollars in debt. They have formed relationships with creditors and financial institutions allowing them to significantly reduce your total unsecured debt.

Debt settlement programs are offered to those who are unable to continue making payment under the original terms. If you are suffering from a financial hardship or find that you can’t keep making credit card payments or debt payments, you may be eligible for a debt settlement program. Your negotiator will come to a settlement with creditors for a new, more affordable monthly payment. Creditors are willing to come to a settlement on your debt in order to avoid a lengthy collection process or losing repayment altogether due to bankruptcy.

You can save a tremendous amount of money by enrolling in a debt settlement program, but it comes with its downsides. If you have a high credit score and perfect payment history, settling your debt for less than the full balance should be your last debt relief option that you consider before bankruptcy.

You don’t want to lose that high credit score that you worked so hard to achieve, so before using debt settlement consider other options. One of these other options that you may want to consider is the debt snowball method, invented by Dave Ramsey. The snowball method allows you to organize your balances from small to large, prioritizing paying off one debt at a time. If you can afford to pay more than minimum monthly payments start by using this free budget and snowball calculator tool.

Not only will the debt snowball method get you out of debt fast but your credit score may also improve while using this effective debt relief option.

Debt Settlement Services

What type of debt can be settled in a debt relief program?

A debt settlement program can help you pay off unsecured debt, including credit card debt, store and gas card bills, medical bills, utility bills, and personal loans. You cannot settle secured debt such as home mortgages and car loans in a debt settlement program.

What are the benefits of a debt settlement?

  • Your creditors will not be paid on a monthly basis, however, we set your program up so that you are only responsible for paying one monthly payment.  This eliminates the stress of dealing with multiple creditors.  As money accumulates we can then settle one creditor at a time until you are debt free.
  • Golden Financial Services will deal directly with the creditors so you will avoid having to deal with them on your own.
  • By settling your debt, you avoid having to file for bankruptcy.
  • On average, clients that are successful with debt settlement become debt free in under four years.
  • You can resolve 100% of your debt for less than the full amount owed, including all interest and late fees.

Golden Financial Services has been settling debt for over fifteen years. We maintain an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and have zero unresolved customer complaints.

To find out if you qualify for our debt settlement service, please contact Golden Financial Services at 1-866-376-9846. Schedule your free consultation with one of our highly skilled debt counselors today!

Debt settlement program disclosures

  • There are fees included in the debt settlement program but only earned after each debt is settled and paid.
  • Debt settlement can lower credit scores. After enrolling in the plan credit scores can continue to decline up until accounts are settled and paid.
  • Potential tax consequences can result from settling a debt for less than the full amount, as a person’s savings could appear as taxable income.
  • Creditors can issue a summons if you fail to pay your creditors in full and on time each month.
  • Not all clients graduate the program successfully due to a variety of reasons, including a person’s inability to afford all of the payments.
  • Golden Financial Services does not offer debt settlement services in all states, including Connecticut and Wisconsin.
  • Most unsecured debt can be settled, but not all creditors will qualify for the debt settlement program.
  • Your total debt will increase after enrolling in a settlement program due to late fees and interest continue to accumulate.


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