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Whether you need financial, tax or credit card debt help, the key to getting out of debt is to first educate yourself on all options before moving forward with any one particular route. Here’s a quick summary of the different ways that you can get help with your debt, including credit card debt relief, unsecured debt relief options, and property tax debt relief.

The following options are designed to help you avoid needing to apply for a loan or bankruptcy. Using a loan to pay off existing debt is just putting a band-aid on the situation. Don’t ask for more debt, when your problem originated from “debt”! Also, don’t let some overpriced bankruptcy attorney tell you that bankruptcy is right for you, because it’s not in 90% of cases.

If you’re looking for who can help with debt, look no further! There are literally 1,000’s of companies across the nation that offer either debt settlement, or consumer credit counseling, or bankruptcy attornies who will try to sell you on bankruptcy, but at Golden Financial Services you have multiple options to choose from. Our IAPDA Certified and Accredited counselors will give you honest and unbiased advice. Below you can see a few of our accolades and credentials, including the #1 Rated Debt Relief Company by Trusted Company Reviews in 2018 and A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau.

Call 866-376-9846 to Get Financial & Debt Help Now! IAPDA Certified debt counselors are available in almost all 50-states, from California to New York. Debt relief programs can provide you with financial freedom, flexibility in payments and the power to make a choice based on what suits YOU BEST. There are some restrictions and a few states that don’t qualify, but the fastest way to get immediate answers is to just call and talk to a counselor for free.

Best Way to Get Credit Card Debt Help

If you need help with credit card debt, here are your three best plans:

  1. Consumer Credit Counseling to reduce credit card interest rates & consolidate monthly payments into a single payment
  2. Credit card settlement services to reduce the balances on each account (all unsecured debt qualifies) & give you one low monthly payment
  3. Debt validation services to dispute credit card debt that was sent to a third-party debt collection agency & possibly not have to pay it and get it off your credit

Consumer Credit Counseling to Help With Credit Card Debt

Consumer credit counseling services consolidate credit card payments into one lower monthly payment, but only slightly smaller than when paying minimum credit card payments.

Your interest rates, on the other hand, can get significantly lowered. By lowering your interest rates, you can now become debt free in under five years, versus 6+ years on your own. Consumer credit counseling is not a loan, but instead just an interest rate reduction program.

The consumer credit counseling company continues to pay your creditors every month, avoiding any harsh impact on credit scores.

To learn more about consumer credit counseling debt help in your state, visit by Clicking Here and Select Your State.

Here’s a recent blog post by Golden Financial’s CEO, Paul J Paquin, illustrating your ten best ways to clear credit card debt fast, including options to get out of debt on your own (without using a debt relief program).

Debt Settlement Help (can resolve almost all unsecured debt)

Debt settlement help with credit card debt is a preferred option because of how much a person can save and how fast they can become debt free. Credit card debt balances can be cut in half (before debt settlement fees). In the end, a debt settlement client could end up saving over 30% on their credit card balances, including all fees and interest.

The downside to settling debt is that your credit score takes a severe hit and you’ll need a full recovery plan in place for your debt and credit issues. The reason that this adverse effect on credit scores doesn’t stop consumers from using debt settlement services is that most people who can’t afford even minimum payments have already taken a hit on their credit due to high balances and even late pays.

Before using a debt settlement service, check out this infographic that illustrates all debt relief options and makes it easy to compare benefits vs. downsides!

How Can Disputing My Credit Card Debt Help?

If you stopped paying on your credit card debt, legally you could walk away from it WITHOUT paying – IF the third-party debt collection company can’t validate the debt.

If you get a speeding ticket, you were probably speeding, right? However, even if you were speeding, a good lawyer has a chance of getting it dismissed due to either inaccurate details, missing paperwork and primarily due to flaws. The same concept exists with credit card debt, however, with debt validation, the debt becomes legally uncollectible, meaning you don’t have to pay it.

Some positives and negatives come with debt validation, which you’ll find by clicking here, and it doesn’t always work, but at Golden Financial Services you can find out if this is an option that could work for you!

Need Help With Paying Mortgage & Property Tax Debt?

If you are behind on property taxes, you have multiple ways to avoid foreclosure. One of your best options is to do a quick sale on your home, walking away with something rather than nothing.

Alternatively, the municipal where you live could include your delinquent property tax in what’s called a “tax sale,” where some high-end real estate guru buys your tax lien and then eventually tries to foreclose on your home if you can’t pay it back.

If you need debt help with property taxes visit here for solutions.

Help with debt is a phone call away, at Golden Financial Services. At the very least, get free advice from an experienced counselor. We will tell you the truth and give you honest advice.

Need help with credit card debt? Talk to an IAPDA Certified debt counselor at 866-376-9846 (for Free)!

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