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A record breaking number of consumers received credit card debt relief at Golden Financial Services (GFS) during the month of August, 2012.


New statistics released illustrate the six states in the United States where the most consumers received help on the GFS credit card debt relief program over a thirty day period.   

GFS has been specializing in credit card debt settlement since 2004.   With our current economy filled with more debt and unemployment than in the past, these factors contributed to these record breaking numbers.   On top of that GFS has opened several new affiliate offices throughout the United States where more help is available to assist more people.

Washington, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Kansas, West Virginia and Wisconsin are the only states where consumers are not eligible for the program.    Of course there are other factors involved that qualify or disqualify consumers for credit card debt relief programs.

Consumers can find out if they qualify for the program by simply calling 866-376-9846 and the call is free!

Here are the record breaking statistics for Credit Card Debt Settlement at GFS!


The state where credit card debt settlement helped the highest number of consumers during the month of August, 2012 was in California.   

  • We helped 5,023 consumers in California alone during this 30 day time-frame with achieving Credit card debt relief from our program.
  • We helped 4,473 consumers in Texas during this time-frame, making Texas number 2 on the list.
  • We helped 3,486 consumers in Florida.
  • We helped 1,905 consumers in Georgia.
  • We helped 1,739 consumers in New York.
  • We helped 1,350 consumers in Alabama.

On top of these record breaking numbers, the servicing negotiators for GFS clients have been achieving record breaking settlements.   

With more clients enrolled on the program than ever before, our servicing negotiators have more leverage, due to a massive amount of debt available to work with when negotiating.   That means bigger discounts with the creditors and better settlements.

Drowning in Credit Card Debt? Relief is here at Golden Financial Services with our debt settlement program. Call 866-376-9846 for a FREE QUOTE TODAY!

 Here is another testimonial from a satisfied GFS client that is almost done with the credit card debt settlement program. 

Client Testimonial
Credit Card Debt Relief Programs Proven to Work Again!


“I joined the program and was very scared at first.  There were so many companies that had been calling me for help.  Golden Financial Services showed me their BBB rating and that made me feel at ease.   Ruth Adorno was the first person that had called me back after I applied online at

She went over the program details with me and at first it sounded too good to be true.  How could $38,500.00 of credit card debt be paid off within 36 months by paying only $690 per month? I had been paying around $1,000 per month on my own and according to my statements; they stated that I would be paying on the debt for more than 10 years before becoming debt free.   

I was sold when they told me that if they cannot settle my debt, then I pay nothing in fees.  I figured that GFS was taking the risk and seeing their BBB rating, that gave me even more comfort.

The only really stressful thing that occurred was when one of the creditors called my job 3 times in one week.  I didn’t know what to do.  I told my legal assistant at GFS and she had my attorney get involved. The problem was resolved after speaking with my attorney that GFS set me up with.  I was instructed on how to handle the situation and it never happened again.  I wasn’t even charged for the extra help.

It’s been 13 months, 4 creditors have been settled and I only have one more left.  After receiving a call today from my legal assistant, Amanda, stating that another settlement occurred, I figured I owed Golden Financial Services at least this testimonial.  I am expecting to finish the program by 18 months at the most.  My last creditor has a balance of about $5,200.   The way things have been going that should be settled in no time.  Thank you so much GFS and I can’t wait for this to all be over!


Rose Metling

Irvine, California”




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