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Marketing Manager

Todd Boldizsar is a seasoned, prolific writer with attention to detail that provides readers with key insights and outside-the-box thought patterns. Todd comes from a professional writing background, graduating from California State University – Fullerton in 2010 with a BA in Broadcast Journalism.

Todd began his writing career as a staff writer for Bleacher Report, before beginning what is currently an 8-year digital marketing career. During this time, Todd has covered several industries including real estate, banking, sports, and even PC gaming! Along the way, Todd has learned several key tactics and concepts in real estate, the ins, and outs of the stock market, and how to properly manage credit card spending and debt management. His current coverage of the United States economy, and how our current President impacts it, provides our Blog readers with vital and relevant information. Take a look at our blog for his recent work, and drop him a line using the Contact link on our website.

Todd was recently promoted to manager of marketing and content production at the Debt Relief Blog, a financial services blog owned by Golden Financial Services.

At the Debt Relief Blog, Boldizsar’s team of writers focus on:

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