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Grow Your Hair Salon - Business Loans Are Available
7 Ways To Grow Your Hair Salon & Business Loans Are Available – CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR A SMALL BUSINESS LOAN NOW

Growing your salon business should be made a reality, and not just a dream.  If you put the following pieces together, growing your hair salon will happen.

With the right marketing, finding new clients can be made easy.  As you add clients to your business, you must have other elements of your business in place.   Such as employees, a beautiful shop, new equipment and the best supplies.

By the time you are finished reading this page you will be ready to grow your hair salon. Small business loans are also available if you need additional capital to support your rapid growth.

7 Ways To Grow Your Hair Salon Business

      1. Hiring EmployeesStatistically it is proven that as you hire more employees, you give your business the potential to operate more efficiently and grow.  New employees, lead to new clients and added business revenue.  The formula is quite simple. 
      2. Invest in Marketing  Internet Marketing is a great way to grow your business.  You need to invest a portion of your budget into paid advertising or Adwords, a portion of your funds into search engine optimization (SEO) and the rest into social media marketing. Paid advertising allows you to get your ads up on Google immediately, while search engine optimization grows your product pages over the long-term.  To grow a hair salon business, I also recommend setting up a nice Facebook, Google Plus, Instogram, and Pinterest account where you can show off your work and provide important details about your business.  Those social media sites are great for illustrating pictures, and pictures are what motivate customers to visit a particular hair salon.If you were in the financial services industry and wanted to grow your business then I would recommend using other networks, such as LinkedIn.  Here you can learn about search engine optimization marketing.  If a person goes to Google and types in “Best Hair Salon in _______(your town goes on that line)”.  Your hair salon could show up in the Google search results.  That is SEO.  How about, “Best Hair Salon in ____(your state goes on the line)”.  Imagine coming up for those results!  Yeah, if you have not invested in this type of advertising then you are missing out!!  If you would like to learn more about online marketing, we recommend that you also visit
      3. Hair Salon Equipment – When expanding your salon a portion of your budget needs to be invested in salon equipment.  Business loans can be a great source of funding for equipment.  They help you with building good business credit as you pay them back, but they also allow you to use other money, aside from what you have in your savings.  It is never a good idea to use your limited savings, if you can avoid using it for purchasing equipment. Your new employees will need supplies and equipment in order to operate. Investing in high-end salon products and always keeping up with the Joneses, brings you high class clients that spend money and that allows you to charge high prices.  You may need to invest in new chairs, back washes, mirrors, waiting chairs, a new modern reception desk, shelves for stations, trolleys, shelves for products,  color bowls, razors, clippers, scissors brushes, perm rods, rollers, combs, straighteners, sinks and dryers.  We realize that as you invest in these products and hire new employees, this equals added revenue. 
      4. Grow by Getting ReferralsOffer incentives to motivate your current customers to refer new clients to you.  This is the easiest and most affordable way to grow your hair salon fast. You can do this by offering your current client’s special discounts on hair supplies and discounted rates every time they refer a client to your salon.  Getting your existing clients excited to help grow your business is genius.
      5. Invest In Sending Your Hair Stylist’s to Advanced Training or SchoolSend your staff to school so they can continue learning the newest techniques. Having the most talented, advanced and powerful stylists working for you, puts your hair salon ahead of your competitors.   This leads to increased profit. Your employees will know that you invested in their careers. They will stay loyal to you, and feel great satisfaction working for you.
      6. Radio and Television AdvertisingThis type of advertising is excellent for building brand awareness and bringing you immediate clients.  This works together with #1.  As your business gains clients, you will need to hire employees to service your increased clientele. This type of advertising allows your business to experience significant growth in a short time-frame.
      7. Open a 2nd Hair Salon or Move Into a Larger BuildingAll these steps tie together.  As you invest more in marketing and hire employees, your clientele will continue to grow, and you will eventually need to invest in a larger building or possibly if you are capable of managing a second store, then you may want to open one.  Continue to replicate the success that you are having.  As the owner of the company, if you can delegate tasks as much as possible and have the right staff to manage the different aspects of your business, then it would be possible for you to open multiple locations.  If money is the only thing holding you back, Golden Financial Services provides this type of hair salon business funding.  If you have a healthy business and a solid business plan, then we will definitely loan you the money.

If you want to expand or even purchase that new building, but don’t have the funds, small business loans are available right now at 866-376-9846.

Here at Golden Financial Services we can offer you the necessary funding to grow your hair salon business. We can help you to obtain the capital necessary to purchase new supplies, hair salon equipment, hire new employees, send employees  to school, do renovations and upgrades to your shop and of course to invest in advertising and marketing.  Our business loans allow you to borrow up to $250,000 easy, and sometimes even more depending on your qualifications.

Business Loan Qualification Requirements Include:

          –  1+ Year in Business

          –  More than $100,000 in annual revenue

          –  $1,000 or more as your average bank balance

Apply today by filling out this online small business loan application, or by calling 866-376-9846.

To explore SBA, Bank and Cash Advance Loans, here is a page where you can compare all of them side by side.



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