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Don’t Let a Low Credit Score Preventing Your Business From Expanding – CLICK TO APPLY FOR A SMALL BUSINESS LOAN NOW

In the real world, credit scores can make or break your chances of getting funding for your small business from the bank. Fortunately, Studies show that 75% of total funding for small businesses, comes from money outside of the banks and credit card companies. This alternative funding doesn’t solely rely on a person’s credit score.

Once a bank runs your credit and sees that you have either a low income, high debt to income ratio, high credit utilization ratio or low credit score, well there goes your chances of getting a small business loan. Bad credit, turns a banker’s smile into a frown, quicker than they can turn you down!

Fortunately, alternative lending, cash advances, and private lenders exist for business owners like yourself. Golden Financial Services is a pioneer in the debt relief industry. Five years ago we wanted to make a difference not only for consumers but also for small business owners. So we expanded as a company. Now we help customers get rid of debt and deal with credit problems (b2c) and assist business owners (b2b) that have a low credit score who need funding for their small business.

There are many young entrepreneurs who started a successful company but have little to no extra money to invest in marketing, hire employees and purchase equipment. Often these young entrepreneurs just graduated from college and may have high debt or poor credit.

We believe in second chances here at Golden Financial Services. Our proprietary methodologies allow us to progress in this spectrum and thrive. Golden Financial Services now specializes in bad credit small business loans and debt relief.

What are the requirement factors to get approved for a business loan if I have bad credit?

At Golden Financial Services we look at your last 90-days worth of business bank statements. If you currently have a healthy business, this is what we consider to be one of the most important factors. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in.

– Must have an average monthly bank balance of $10,000 or more, over the last 90-days

– Must have more than five monthly deposits into your business bank account each month (since the business loan payback is through daily payments)

– If you have a tax lien, there must be a payment arrangement worked out (proof of this will be required)

– Your business will be denied if you filed for bankruptcy within the last six months

What kind of small business loans are these?

The small business loans offered by Golden Financial Services are short-term small business loans that need to get paid back within a year at the most.

How fast can I get funded?

We can fund your business with the capital it needs within 72 hours.

Alternative business lending has been around for decades. Apply for your small business loan today, expand and grow your business now. CLICK HERE TO APPLY ONLINE:

On the personal side, do you have credit card payments that are delinquent or third-party debt collection accounts that are lowering your credit score? Bad credit debt consolidation, debt settlement, and debt validation is also available. These programs can save you a significant amount on your overall monthly payment.

Whether you need help with paying off debt, credit repair, or need capital for your business, assistance is a phone call away, call 866-376-9846 today. Or, you can get an online debt relief quote by clicking here.

Have bad credit? Click here to find out about small business loans for entrepreneurs with a low credit score.

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