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Obtaining debt relief or having a FICO score, what’s more important?

Golden Financial Services (GFS) says that to have a high credit score you need to keep your debt low compared to your income.  The rule of thumb is to keep your balances below 30% of what your limit is.  Most people this day and age have a hard time doing that and debt relief services are needed.

Debt Relief at Golden Financial Services
High Credit Score and Debt Relief

“14% of the US population uses at least 50% of their available credit card limits; these users carry an average of 6.6 credit cards each. ” (Source: Experian National Score Index)

The good news is that, safe debt relief programs are available to help consumers with paying off debt fast.  You can then have a second chance, rebuilding your FICO score, right after utilizing debt relief services.

A low debt to income ratio helps a person to be credit worthy according to GFS.

Do you prefer to have a high FICO score and high debt, or low debt and a high FICO score?

The answer to this question should be obvious.

We all know the answer is to have low debt and a high credit score.

If you have high debt compared to your income, this can also affect your FICO score negatively.   Debt relief services can help to fix the problem of having high debt.  Debt relief programs may have a temporary negative affect on a persons credit,  but you can always rebuild your credit score to be high.

If you are making minimum payments on maxed out and high credit card debt, it’s hard to believe that your credit has not already taken a hit.

Folks, it’s time to get debt relief if you have maxed out high credit cards and you are only making minimum payments.

Can you pay double the minimum payments to obtain long term debt relief?  This is the best option to pay off high debt and raise your credit score, while saving money in interest.

Is debt settlement a good option for you in order to obtain debt relief?  A debt settlement program can save you the most money and time.  With debt settlement you can become debt free in as fast as 2 years, rebuilding your credit by 3 years from today.

Is credit card consolidation a good option?  Credit card consolidation is a good option for someone that is just sick of paying so much interest, but can afford their monthly payments.

Is bankruptcy an option if you need debt relief?  If you don’t qualify for debt settlement or credit card consolidation, then bankruptcy can help you with debt relief.

View this debt calculator to compare all your debt relief solutions.

If you are new to the world of credit or if you are a graduated client from a debt settlement program, here is how you can establish credit and RAISE YOUR CREDIT SCORE TO BE HIGH.

To do this some people start out with an unsecured or secured credit card or loan, mortgage or a car payment.  From there you will need to pay your bill in full each month or if it’s your mortgage payment, stay current.

Start out with a credit card and pay your bill in full every month. Every 6 months request that the bank raise your limit.  Never let the balance go above 30% of what the limit is!  If the bank will not give you a credit card, then simply get a SECURED CREDIT CARD, which the bank will give you.

Thousands of consumers graduate the debt settlement every year; saving up to half on their balances and within a year later are already rebuilding their credit.  You can raise your FICO score by 100 points in 18 months by following simple rules, after utilizing debt relief services.

Here is a client testimonial from a client that graduated on the debt relief program at Golden Financial Services.

Learn more about debt relief today by reading or by calling in at 866-376-9846.


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