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Best Credit Card Relief Service for 2022

What if there was a way to resolve credit card debt with one fee, and even getting the late marks removed from credit reports? For millions of consumers in 2022, that would be a dream come true. Dreams are not always achievable, some are in fact just a fantasy or could even be a nightmare but in regards to debt, the reality of this dream is much closer than you may think.

Debt Consolidation Loans

Can’t pay your credit cards? Debt relief services could be your solution. Consider the alternative, credit card consolidation loans and balance transfer cards that carry high-interest rates and up-front processing fees, which can result in a person paying their debt back more than three times over the course of a decade. In fact, with payday loans, interest rates can be above 300%.

Debt Validation

What if all credit card debt collection companies had a common trait that they all did, making their process illegal? Technically speaking, debt could then be disputed, similar to how a speeding ticket is disputed, invalidated, and would not have to get paid. Consider debt validation, one of the best credit card relief services for 2022.

Credit card debt relief can be achieved through a debt validation service. And a debt validation program can be the most effective solution to resolving credit cards that you can’t afford to pay. Most debt relief companies online offer debt settlement services for credit card debt relief. Golden Financial Services also offers credit card settlement programs but only as a last resort.

Why Validation Over Settlement?

  • less expensive when calculating the total cost, resulting in lower payments
  • invalidated accounts cannot legally remain on credit reports
  • no taxes owed on an invalidated account
  • third-party debt collectors must stop all collection on a debt after it’s disputed until validated

If you’re considering debt settlement, you’ll definitely want to learn about debt resolution. Debt resolution offers an attorney-based program using debt validation and settlement together, offering consumers the best savings with the potential to remove certain accounts from credit reports altogether.

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Understand the negative effect credit card relief services can have:

Both debt validation and settlement programs can have an initial negative effect on a person’s credit score because accounts must age and go to third-party collection status before they are disputed or negotiated. But the fact is even though you may be making minimum payments every month and staying current on payments, high credit card balances also adversely effects credit scores. Credit limits can get reduced, and consumers can get denied a loan over maxed-out credit card balances. There comes the point where something needs to be done, but what is that something? 

Can a debt validation service help my credit score?

After a credit card collection account is invalidated, it can no longer legally remain on a person’s credit report. Consequently, as a by-product of the debt validation program, the debt and associated negative marks attached to it can get removed from a person’s credit report. However, to increase your credit score, you need also to establish a history of positive payment history. 

Does a credit card settlement service improve credit scores?

With debt settlement programs, the collection accounts and default marks remain on a person’s credit report even after debts are settled. 

One of the fastest ways to improve credit scores is to get a collection account removed from credit reports, which usually won’t occur after settling credit card debt. On the other hand, validation programs invalidate a debt, making it legally uncollectible. And a legally uncollectible debt is one that the collection agency can’t legally continue reporting to credit bureaus. 

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Debt validation programs are not a new option. At Golden Financial Services, validation has been a top choice by consumers for over six years now. Here’s an article from 2019 that rated “Validation as the Best Way To Get Out Of Credit Card Debt – for Consumers That Can’t Afford to Pay It.”

What if a creditor proves a credit card collection account is valid?

Although this rarely occurs, you have a full money-back guarantee with the validation program, ensuring if an account is validated, you receive all of the fees you paid into the program back for that account. You’ll then be able to get the Debt settled for a fraction of the total owed through one of our partner debt settlement providers. Debt settlement is used as a backup plan for validation, ensuring our clients get all of the program’s debts resolved one way or another. There’s a reason why Golden Financial Services maintains less than one BBB complaint per year, is A+BBB rated, and has hundreds of positive online reviews across the internet going back since 2004. 

How does a validation program deal with credit card debt? Consider when a person gets a speeding ticket. You can hire an attorney to dispute a speeding ticket. Or admit to guilt, pay the fine and have a tarnished record with higher insurance premiums. In many cases, people choose to fight a speeding ticket and often end up getting it dismissed. The police officer will have to prove that the speed they alleged you were driving at is accurate. If they can’t provide evidence to verify that the speed they claim you were going at is correct, the ticket could get dismissed.

Similarly, debt validation programs use federal laws to dispute a credit card debt after it goes to third-party collection status. “The New York Times reported; financial companies like American Express, Citigroup, Discover, Chase, and all the Major Creditors: committed fraud in business dealings, are using erroneous paperwork, have incomplete records, and use faulty legal processes.” Noach Dear, a New York Supreme Court Judge, estimated that 90% of credit card lawsuits are flawed and can’t prove the person owes the Debt. Source: The New York Times,, 01/27/2018

Four stages to a debt validation program for credit card relief:

STAGE ONE: Credit reports need to illustrate accurate and verifiable information. The debt validation program’s analytics department will help you review, identify and deal with all erroneous and derogatory marks that could be negatively affecting your credit score–then getting mistakes corrected. 

STAGE TWO: After the initial credit report analysis – a case manager will start challenging and disputing each Debt enrolled in the program. If the third-party debt collection agency can’t prove that they have the legal authority to collect on a debt, it becomes legally uncollectible. In other words, an uncollectible debt is one–that you don’t have to pay.

Example of an Invalidated Debt that does not have to be paid and is getting removed from credit reports: 

debt validation program credit card relief services

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Click here to continue reading about steps three and four of a debt validation program. 


Why can’t debt collection companies prove a debt is valid when the card was mine?

  • Collection companies often can’t prove that the balance they claim you owe is accurate, similar to how a lawyer can dispute a speeding ticket and get it dismissed (even though you may have been speeding).
  • The balance may not be accurate after it ends up in collection status due to late fees, unauthorized interest, and collection fees that the consumer never agreed to pay. 
  • The collection agency or the Debt may have been involved in fraud.
  • The collection agency may have violated consumer protection laws (e.g., the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Credit Card Act, Fair Credit Billing Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and more) 
  • The debt collector can’t produce a valid debt collection agency license to be collecting on Debt in a particular state.
  • Collection agencies can’t always produce complete documentation to verify that they are legally authorized to collect on a debt (e.g., the original credit card contract signed). There are over thirty pages inside the dispute packages, line after line requesting documentation and information that laws require collection agencies to maintain. 

These are just a few examples of what’s on a long list of items used to dispute a debt.

How much does a validation credit card debt relief service cost?

A debt validation program provides a consumer with one affordable monthly payment that costs less than using consumer credit counseling, credit card consolidation, and settlement programs. Creditors are not paid through a validation program. So, in the end, the consumer only ends up paying the cost of the plan. Compare national debt relief programs and get an idea of each program’s cost using this online calculator tool. 

Additional Downsides of Credit Card Relief Services:

Clients can get served a credit card summons with debt settlement and validation programs because creditors don’t get paid every month. Consequently, the programs available through Golden Financial Services put a heavy emphasis on potential downsides. For example, clients understand that they can get a summons while on the program, but they also understand how the summons would be dealt with and resolved. 

Likewise, clients understand their credit scores can be adversely affected by enrolling in any debt relief program. Still, they choose our plan because we’re transparent about their credit being negatively affected, have a credit restoration option included with the program, and educate clients on rebuilding their credit score. 

For more pros and cons about debt relief programs, visit this page next. 

If you can afford to pay minimum payments or more on credit card bills, don’t use a debt relief program. Instead, consider the debt snowball plan, a free option that you can do on your own. Here are ten more ways to help you clear credit card debt in 2022.

If you need help with other types of debt, check out the following:

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