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Presently in the United States, more than 10% of cardholders are delinquent on their accounts.  Therefore safe and reliable credit card debt relief programs are necessary.  Trustworthy credit debt relief businesses will also provide consumers with education while on their programs.

After graduating, consumers will usually end up right back where they started, and that is buried in debt again.   The debt settlement program at Golden Financial Services is set up to save consumers the most money and time, while also providing consumers with an enormous amount of financial education.

Our debt settlement program ensures no fees are charged until your debt is settled.

To avoid credit card debt relief program scams, learn the pros and cons associated with each debt relief program. Your first step is to get educated so that you can recognize what’s legitimate and what’s not. The easiest way to learn about each debt relief program is to visit our new credit card debt relief program page & infographic.

How to pay off unsecured debt faster and pay less interest when staying current.

This next video talks about how to get out of debt faster when staying current on your payments and credit card debt settlement programs.

Avoid debt settlement and debt consolidation scams

Debt consolidation and debt settlement companies are legitimate, but there are still rip-off companies that take advantage of consumers.  Consequently, it is imperative for consumers to look up how long an establishment has been in business, if there is any government action on the business, are there any unresolved customer complaints, etc…

You can research all of this information on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website.  Golden Financial Services is a highly rated BBB debt settlement company that was incorporated in the state of Florida in 2004.  We have a 14-year track record and debt settlement has been our focus since the day that our company opened.

Credit Card Debt Relief Scams

The First Scam to Watch Out For!

If a consumer ever receives a phone call from an automated robot sounding voice, immediately be aware that it’s probably a scam.  Automated “robocalls” violate the Do Not Call Registry.   Most of the time these calls will show up on your caller ID as a blocked call where you cannot see the phone number.

These “robocalls” will often ring to your phone.  As soon as you answer the call an automated message will play.  The message will often sound as if it’s an official government message.  You will then commonly be asked to “press one” or “press nine” to receive some type of debt assistance.  When you are connected to a live person, it’s usually a representative from an LLC company that has been in business for under a year.  Sometimes you will be unable to even locate the company they pretend to be representing because it’s a non-existent company that has no track record.  Consumers are then sold into a deceitful program where they are then cheated and scammed.  The company will take your money and disappear off the face of this earth.

The Second Scam to Watch Out For!

Companies that pitch they can find loopholes in the law that can eliminate your debt are also scams.  They have deceptive ads that are intended to mislead consumers into filling out applications with all their personal information.  The ads will state “we can erase your debt”, or “we can eliminate your debt without hurting your credit” and these ads are misleading.

If you have unsecured debt that is really yours, how can a loophole in the law allow you to walk away from the debt without paying a dollar?  I am sure it has happened, just like winning the lottery happens.  These companies charge high up-front fees that are equal to 25% of what your total debt is.  Don’t get ripped off by these companies.  If it sounds too good to be true, then it most likely is.

Here at Golden Financial Services, we are here to help and when calling us, the call is FREE!  Call us at 866-376-9846.  We will review all routes and find out what Credit Card Debt Relief Program is best for you!

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