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Searching for the Best Articles of the Week (Link Roundup)

(Subject is: Tips to Improve Your Finances)

If accepted, your article will be featured in our main debt relief blog here

Featured articles in this week’s round-up! (Some of these articles were submitted to the round-up, while other articles were hand-picked by Golden Financial Services from all across the internet — WE ARE LOOKING FOR THE BEST ARTICLES OF THE WEEK REGARDING FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE AND DEBT RELIEF TIPS!

DEBT – it can Slap You in the Face (Video goes Viral)

Waitress receives $400 tip from generous couple…plus $10,000 offer to pay for her college debt

How Trump Can Drown You In Debt, Or Make You Rich

How to Use Unsecured Debt to Get Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Available Credit — Learn How to HACK High Credit Limits!

10 Holiday Credit Card Debt Relief Tips

Debt Consolidation for Credit Cards – MUST READ Don’t Get Scammed


It can be an article, but also videos will be accepted into the weekly roundup!

But it gets better than that…

Once accepted into our weekly link-roundup — Golden Financial Services will also set you up with a professional financial author page, similar to this one here (our CEO’s).

Your author profile can be linked to your article — giving you double the exposure.

At the end of the year, we will then create an online voting system where the public gets to pick the best author (the author who submits the best article with the most instructive financial advice).

How does the voting system work?

For our weekly roundup that we are offering you today, the winner will be picked by whatever author gets — The Most Votes (AKA: Thumbs-Up as Shown on the Last Contest Here). Votes will be counted as a “thumbs up”. But to vote — voters’ will be validated through Facebook to ensure all votes are real. The voting system will be similar to how we did it for our scholarship contest last month here. 

Who Selects the Best Articles of the Week”?

As with every contest at Golden Financial Services, we use our ten Senior Branch Managers to review and accept a post into the contest.

How is the Winner Selected? (the Best Article of the Week?)

And for the winner of the contest, that is determined by the public’s votes…The winner will be based on the author who writes the best article and who gets the most votes from the public. The winner will get featured on their own page like this winner was featured here last month.

We share the winner’s page with all of the financial and debt relief industry leading professionals around the nation that we work with each day here at Golden Financial Services and all over social media, giving you massive exposure as a financial expert.

— All of the articles must pass editorial, having minimal grammar mistakes.

— The content must be unique and written only for this weekly roundup.

— These tips must include financial instruction of some type, whether you are teaching student’s how to pay off student loan debts, or it could be regarding improving their credit score. You need to bring something to the table that isn’t on every other financial blog on the internet, we want our readers to improve their finances. (LOOK AT THE TOP RIGHT SIDEBAR ON THIS PAGE — THESE FEATURED ARTICLES ARE EXAMPLES OF THE TYPE OF CONTENT YOU NEED TO SUBMIT TO GET ACCEPTED TO OUR WEEKLY ROUNDUP AND THE CONTEST!)

What financial tips can you offer, that nobody else online is teaching the public?

Try to give our audience groundbreaking and expert financial and debt advice — that’s how you can win!

How To Join Our Weekly Link Roundup?

To submit your article — email it to:

Paul (at) Golden (

To Eligible for this Weekly Link Roundup — Subjects can Include:

– Credit Scores

– Credit Reports

– Disputing Debt

– Debt Relief Programs

– Debt Relief Options

– Credit Repair

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