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Do it Yourself Debt Settlement – Free Debt Settlement Letter Provided!

Will it improve my results by using one of the Reputable Debt Settlement Companies to Settle Debt?

When can I settle my accounts on my own?

By what method would I go about settling my debt on my own?

To settle a credit card, debt settlement companies that are reputable and experienced will deliver incomparable results.  Read the points below to find out why, but first we will demonstrate to you how to settle a debt on your own!

Golden Financial Services feels that if you have one or two minor collection accounts, go ahead and try to settle them on your own.   If you have a few thousand dollars’ worth of unsecured accounts, it probably will not hurt you to attempt to settle it on your own.  There is a decent chance that you could be successful.  There is also a gamble that you will not be successful and that the creditors will litigate.

If you have more than $7,500.00 worth of debt, settling on your own is like playing Financial Russian Roulette.  Definitely let us assist you with settling your debt if you have more than $7,500.00 in unsecured accounts. Golden Financial Services is one of the largest debt settlement companies in the United States where our professional services will be safer, easier for you; you will save a lot more money and won’t have to deal with as much hassle.

Debt Settlement Letter Example

Do it Yourself Debt Settlement – Here are a Few Tips

1.  Copy the debt settlement letter template that we are providing you.  Plug in the blanks with information relevant to your situation.

2.  Fax and mail a copy of that letter to the collection agency.  You can acquire the fax number and mailing address off your last collection letter that you received.  Certify the mail in order to have tracking and confirmation that your letter was received.

3.  As well include in your fax to the collection agency a hardship letter.  Write a hardship letter that is approximately 300-400 words long.  Include in your letter why it is becoming near impossible to pay your accounts and that you are contemplating bankruptcy.  Explain to the creditors that bankruptcy is your only option left and if you own a home also include that your home is on the urge of being foreclosed on, if it is.  Dialogue about how you lost your income, your medical condition, job loss or whatever your true hardship is.

4.  Wait for the collection agency to respond back in writing.

Free Tip

Tip to Settle Debt


If you have an account that has a small balance of $400 for example, it’s less likely that creditor will try to sue you, over the creditor that you owe $4,000 to.   It costs money for creditors to take legal action. Consequently if you owe less, there will be less motivation involved for the creditor to sue.

Complications transpire when consumers have numerous accounts or high balances, and they attempt to settle on their own.

What problems can occur when you try to settle credit card debt on your own?  How can one of the best debt settlement companies assist me with avoiding these problems?


1.  There is a chance that creditors will try to sue you if you have more than $10,000.00 of unsecured debt that you are delinquent on.   Having a reputable debt settlement company assist you with more than $10,000.00 of debt is a superior choice over trying to settle your accounts on your own.   Golden Financial Services provides clients with the necessary lawsuit defense needed if creditors decide to sue.

2.  It’s emotional having your bills settled.  You are in a hardship situation, where it’s a stressful moment.  Most people are on the urge of bankruptcy when in this state.  That adds more stress.  Creditors know that you are stressed, even if you are good at hiding it.  When you have a reputable debt settlement company representing you there is no emotion involved, just pure skill and motivation to settle your accounts.  

3.  What about leverage?   Reputable debt settlement companies have more leverage with creditors, than a bank at times.  A consumer only has the leverage of their creditor or creditors.   We have all of our customer accounts to work with and use as leverage when negotiating.  This allows us to solidify by far, larger discounts.  There are many cases at Golden Financial Services where $50,000.00 worth of unsecured accounts has been settled at $25,000.00.   That includes everything, even fees.

More Leverage

More Leverage = Larger Discounts

4.  Settling credit card debt is legally putting yourself in a position that is not within the terms of your contract that you once signed with your creditors.  Therefore it is imperative to have a debt settlement attorney on stand by while having your accounts settled.  A debt settlement attorney provides consumers with the full legal protection that potentially could be needed.  Golden Financial Services is one of the few companies in America that retain attorneys in all states for our clients.

Get a FREE Quote today by calling 866-491-3095.  You will never be obligated or pressured into anything.  You will always receive accurate information and advice.   Golden Financial Services is a reputable debt settlement company and by many is considered to be one of The Best Debt Settlement Companies in America.

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