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Post Holiday Credit Card Debt Relief Programs

Debt Relief Programs can Help with High Bills
Learn About Holiday Credit Card Debt Relief at Golden Financial Services

Is your goal to get out of debt in less than 3 years? 

If so, that’s a great goal to have.  Now, let’s turn your goals into reality.

We are not requiring that you join a credit card debt relief program either.  We are going to show you how to do it on your own.

Paying your bills on your own, should always be choice one.   A program should be an option for you only if it strategically makes sense.

We will also share a few Credit Card Relief Tools with you below.

Right about now a lot of people are asking themselves, “Was it worth it to spend so much money this holiday season?”

Yes of course it was worth it to bring joy into your loved ones lives.  After all, God put us here on this earth to bring happiness to the world.

However now it’s time to figure out a plan to pay off this holiday credit card debt.  Relief is needed and fast because you don’t want to get caught up paying minimum payments for the next ten years.  Do you?

I will cut right to the chase.

Let’s take a look at an example.

On our example were going to keep the interest rate at 25%.

If a person has $30,000 in outstanding loans, with an average interest rate of 25%, to pay this amount of debt off in less than 3 years when staying current, a person should pay over $1,300 Per Month or double the minimum payments.  Paying double the minimum payments will allow a person to pay off all of this debt in less than 3 years.

By paying only minimum payments on $30,000 in total credit card bills, that have an average interest rate of 25%,  it’s going to take 115 months to pay off all this debt.  That is over 9 years!

How to pay off credit card bills in less than 3 years without a Debt Relief Program – Video

Can you afford to pay off your bills on your own and in less than 3 years?

If you can do it, that’s a great plan.

Learn your options and see what you can afford.

Simply plug in your total debt, the interest rate and what you are paying on a monthly basis.  Then hit the big CALCULATE BUTTON.   See if it’s possible for you to pay off your accounts on your own, and in less than 3 years.

Try This Debt Relief Calculator Now!

[calc id=534]

Credit Card Relief starts with information, education and positive steps.

Is it not possible to pay off your bills on your own?  Do you need help?

Are you looking for a program to help with your bills?

Here at Golden Financial Services we live and breathe Debt Relief Programs.  We have the most current and effective Credit Card Debt Relief Program information and options available on the market.

Try our Program Calculator Here, to see how fast you can pay off your accounts by utilizing a Debt Settlement and Consumer Credit Counseling Program.

We also recommend that you read this article “Debt Relief after the Fiscal Cliff that was just published about Golden Financial Services.  This article was so popular that it was picked up by hundreds of news channels around America that decided to feature Golden Financial Services on their website including CNBC, Fox,, CBC, ABC and many more.   It’s an interesting article regarding Credit Card Debt Relief Options after the Fiscal Cliff and for 2013.


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