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As a Debt Relief Business Owner, do you want to help more consumers and make more money?

We are providing you a step-by-step outline for setting-up your own online marketing strategy where you are generating your own leads.  Establishing a superb online presence is like building your own personal lead generating machine.

  1. Want to partner? Provide compliant national debt relief services to consumers in 49 states. Our programs are more effective than ever before, and we have been operating since 2004.  Over the last three years, we have seen a steady increase in the number of clients that graduate on the debt relief program each year. That means better retention and improved program infrastructure. We can provide you with the ability to grow your debt relief business.
  2. What about marketing?  This post will provide you with the basics of building your online marketing campaign. If your company is qualified, Golden Financial Services may partner with you and build your online marketing base for you.  We would not want to even entertain the idea of you becoming a partner company of ours until you can at least understand the basics that we are about to discuss on this page.   You can’t build a debt relief business if you are planning to buy marketing from lead vendors that will sell you garbage.
  3. Generate your own leads from REAL MARKETING!! We are not advertising misleading or fake products, but rather generating client’s that find us online and read our real reviews.
  4. Free Software & Unlimited Users for Your Office! There is one word that comes to mind when I think of our software, and that word is AWESOME!  It is easy to use, track your clients, check client payments, run reports, send out docusign and much more!

Do you currently own a business?  Are you ready to take that next step and diversify? Generate income from multiple avenues and help people in as many ways as possible.

Call us to see if you qualify to be a partner company or work-at-home employee with Golden Financial Services. Call 866-222-5905 or simply email us at to discuss the partnership opportunities, but first finish reading the rest of this page so that you understand the basics of marketing. 

Why not buy leads from vendors that you find online?

Not all, but the majority of lead vendors will sell you the dirt in their garage if you would buy it.

Debt-relief business owners around the United States are always searching for marketing, and often wasting millions of dollars on futile leads.  Their money would be better spent investing it into their company’s brand, websites and online marketing.

Combining your website content with search engine optimization and social media makes your material and online properties easier for relative consumers to find than other forms of traditional lead generation methods.

How much money have you wasted on leads for your debt settlement business?

Are you ready to run your business correctly?

What is the best marketing do you ask?

We’re Here to Help

Golden Financial Services provides valuable insight, education, and tips from which debt-relief business owners around the country can learn.  We have been in the debt-relief industry for more than nine years now.

In our opinion, the best marketing for a debt-relief company in 2013 is internet marketing.  We will teach you the basics to get started today.

Is it a lot of work?  Absolutely!

But does hard work pay off?  You betcha!

As a company, we have bought leads over the years from almost every major debt relief lead vendor out there.  We have also tried just about every lead generation method including direct-mail leads, internet leads, television leads, and countless others.

The saddest part about our past situation was that we have a phenomenal product to offer people needing credit card debt relief, but wasn’t reaching the people in actual need of help.  At the end of the day, consumers were the ones getting hurt, because the other debt-relief companies, which don’t have the quality product that we have, would just get lucky enough to contact them first.

On top of that, we have many debt-settlement business partners that have not produced what they could potentially, where they provided the right leads.

For this reason, we created our own marketing department.  We have our own copy-editors and writers; we partnered-up with some of the top debt-relief and internet marketing companies around the country.

Our Goal is to Help You

Our goal today is to offer the necessary assistance to other reputable debt-relief business owners around the country that need internet marketing.  We are sick of seeing good debt relief businesses getting ripped off by lead-broker thieves.  We are tired of seeing innocent consumers become victims at the hands of internet crooks that deceptively advertise.

Do You Have the Right Product?

Does your Debt Settlement Business have the right infrastructure?


If you own a debt-relief company and don’t have a sufficient product to offer prospects, then you should contact us regarding our debt settlement business options.  If you qualify, we will set you up to offer superior, compliant, debt-relief services to all Americans.

We can provide you the right debt-relief products, and the best company infrastructure with which to work.  We can definitely help you see more graduated clients in your program if that is something your company is lacking.

Are your clients receiving the valuable services and debt-relief options which they deserve?   Do you have more clients canceling, or graduating from your program?  Ask yourself these questions as you determine if the debt-relief product you are offering is right, and sufficient, for your clients.

The consumer should always be put first. If the consumer is taken care of properly, and with the right program, then the marketing should be easy.  If the consumer is not being taken care of, then our marketing tips will not work.   Offering a shady product or service is self-defeating because eventually, the consumer will realize they had the wool pulled over their eyes.  When they share that negative experience with others, it tarnishes that brand with a strong, hard-to-change, negative sentiment.

We’re about to talk about REAL MARKETING

Step One – Build Your Brand

Start by identifying and evaluating your product.

Is there room for improvement?

Building your company’s brand takes commitment and help from your employees.  Every aspect of your business needs to be examined: how many clients graduate on your debt-relief program, how complaints and credit card lawsuits are handled, advertising and much more.

Do you have a Google Webmaster Tools Account?

Ensure a Google Webmaster Tools account is set up correctly so that Google knows you are the owner of your website.  This account will also keep you current on any alerts Google has for you about your website.  In addition, there are many other helpful resources in the Google Webmaster area that you will grow to love.

I recommend Host Gator or Go Daddy for the company that hosts your website because they make it user-friendly and very easy for inexperienced users.

Wherever you are hosting your website, ensure that you have a current sitemap that has been submitted after your updated web pages are published.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an online marketing strategy that influences where and how your website shows up in the organic—or natural (unpaid) — search results.

If you have not optimized your website for search engines over the last 10 years don’t worry— it’s not too late!

Most debt relief business-owners believe it costs millions of dollars for search engine optimization to work, but that’s not the case.  Many business-owners believe it would be impossible for them to compete with all of the big guys showing up higher on search results for different keywords such as “debt consolidation”.

Ready for some good news for you guys who have not started on SEO?

It’s not impossible.

Have you heard of Google’s Penguin update?

‘Google Penguin’ was an algorithm update targeted to penalize websites using black-hat SEO tactics, as well as those with otherwise low-quality content. “Google’s fight against web spamming has resulted in the unprecedented fall of established websites from their previously held rankings.” (King, Amber. Hubpages. (ambrking.hubpages dot com /hub/ What-is-Google-Penguin>)

Why is this good news?

This is great news because most companies who have ruled online in the debt-relief industry have used spammy practices to market their websites, and now Google brought the floor out from under them.  This gives the genuine companies a chance to fairly market their products and services, and actually show up in search results.

Google is keen to websites with real, interesting and helpful content.  

So keep it REAL!

Original, Real and Compelling Content

Ranking on Google, or one of the other major search engines, in the top 5 of the search results for competitive debt-consolidation keywords can be a challenging task to accomplish.  So how do you do this?

Gone are the days when you stuffed all your target keywords into the META tags, and on-page content— Google has evolved, keeps evolving, and we need to keep up.

Some people feel that writing about debt-settlement related topics is never exciting. Don’t consider your own business boring. If you’re not passionate about it, why would a consumer seek your professional assistance?

Helping consumers to pay off their debt is exciting.  It’s very exhilarating for someone when they finally reach that freedom from the shackles of debt. What a great job it is to help people reach that pinnacle.

First off, make sure that your content is original.  Do not copy someone else’s website.  Guess what, if you do that, you will be penalized by Google.   Write your own interesting and original content that you want people to read.

Be informative and provide consumers with real information that they would want to read regarding debt-relief.  Don’t just try to sell and advertise your product; offer information that consumers can actually utilize.

Teach consumers how to build good credit. Teach consumers how to pay off their credit cards on their own while paying less interest.  Share a debt calculator with consumers.  These are worthy information and tools which readers will use, and most likely share.

At that point figure out what keywords would fit nicely and naturally into your content— these essentially should be the best few descriptors of what the entire page or article is about.  Do not stuff your content with too many keywords, or you will be penalized by Google.

HTML on Your Page

If you are using a Word Press site, there are free SEO plugins that you can install that take care of most of your HTML needs.  Some plug-ins allows you to simply type in the site’s META information, including the title, description, and keywords.

Summary for Debt Relief, Settlement and Consolidation Business Owners to follow in order to properly optimize a website

Here is a summary of all of the components that need to be incorporated into your web pages in order for them to be properly optimized.  Try to incorporate these elements so that people can find your pages that you have worked hard to create.

Title – Try to use the main keyword that you are working to optimize at the beginning of your title.  This will also add value for your viewers because it makes it easy for them to find your page.

Example 1:  If you live in Georgia, offer debt-relief services and are looking to optimize your page to focus on “Georgia Debt-relief”, then you could set your page title to be Georgia Debt-relief”.

Meta Tags – Are in the HTML.  These tags provide the search engines with relevant information about your page.  Also, when your page shows up in the search results the META Title and Description will be displayed.   If you don’t have a good META description or title, then not many people will click on your page.

If you include what the consumer types in the search query in the META tags, then Google will bold those words in the search results, making it more likely your site will catch the consumer’s attention.

Links Pointing to Your Page

Once you publish all this wonderful content on your website it will take time to see results/leads. Typically after you publish a page, it will take several months to really see the results organically, assuming it has been properly optimized and shared.

To speed up this process if your content is really good, other websites will want to link to it. If Google sees hundreds of high-quality and relevant websites linking to yours, then Google will reward you.  That means that your optimized pages will likely show up higher on Google, and faster.

You don’t want links to point to your website, from websites that have a poor domain or page rank.

If you plan on doing internet marketing then you should download the free SEO Moz Toolbar which provides you all types of metrics that you will want to become familiar with.  The SEO Moz toolbar allows you to see how long a website has been up for, how many links a website has pointed to it, what a website page rank is and many other valuable metrics.

Make sure the majority of links pointing to your website are not from poor quality sites.  While consumers with small sites and blogs will be linking to your website, that is ok.  It is when there is an abnormal ratio that Google is red flagged.

Social Sharing and Interacting With Your Community

Once you have your brand in place, then it’s time to spread the word. Social media is a great tool to utilize that helps spread your brand around the online community.


A blog is your launch pad to provide fresh content to the world.  Your website will have pages built around foundational topics.  Your blog can take a point from one of those pages and elaborate, or touch on a newsworthy current events topic. Today we provided all of you debt-relief, settlement and consolidation affiliates and business-owners with a step-by-step guide to market your debt-relief product, and to generate your own leads in 2013.

Sharing good and relevant content is very important.  Every business owner should have a personal Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus account, as well as business pages connected to those personal accounts. When you put up a new page on your website or publish a blog, share that with others in your community via those social platforms. It is not uncommon for people to interact with our employees’ posts and profiles. Being the go-to source for valuable information will lead to other websites wanting to link to your website.

We share helpful debt-relief information with our partners, other debt-relief company owners, consumers, and our clients.  Start sharing content with your debt-relief community!

Bottom line:  If you have been following along, you will know that the above process equals leads and clients via referral to your website by social sharing. Furthermore, it ultimately leads to your website showing up higher on Google, possible even page one.

If you would like further consulting and professional Search Engine Optimization services, we recommend first speaking with someone at Golden Financial Services. They have been leaders in the industry for more than ten years, which means they have kept up with and adapted to the numerous changes and increased complexities as the search engines have evolved.

Example of a successful blog:

Rand Fishkin is an online marketing expert and we consider him to be one of the best in the world in this field.  Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, when it comes to creating a successful blog, take a look at his blog first.

Example of Linking Interaction with Companies in a Similar Industry

A BBB “A+” rated mortgage-company may want to share with their clients a page which a BBB “A+” rated debt-consolidation company has on their website.

A mortgage-company and a debt-consolidation company are in different industries, so the mortgage company will not be afraid of the debt-consolidation company stealing their clients.  Therefore, if a mortgage company and a debt consolidation company share each other’s resources, it will add tremendous value for consumers.

A new home-buyer may also want to consolidate their credit cards, learn about credit card debt and how to pay it off faster on their own, or simply learn how to avoid going down that road altogether.

A mortgage company owner may say, “This page looks great on this debt-relief company website regarding how to pay off debt faster while staying current.  Let me point a link to that page on my website so that my viewers can read this wonderful information, ultimately leading to a better user-experience on my website”.

Some business-owners will try to cheat and copy your site or rewrite the page that they like, but poor business practices will only hurt them in the long run.  Reputable companies will practice the right way.

To say the least, Google is very smart, so don’t try to play any tricks.

Interacting with your debt-relief community with other business-owners is very important, even if they offer different products.  This helps the more reputable companies stick-out, shine and grow.

We hope you enjoyed it!

We would love to hear your comments, questions and any feedback that you may have below.

If you are interested in becoming a debt settlement or debt validation business partner with us here at Golden Financial Services, then send us an email at with your qualifications.  You can also email us at that same email address if you are looking for assistance with marketing for your debt-relief business.

We will only assist debt settlement business owners and companies that are compliant with the laws enacted by the FTC.

Stay tuned in for our next debt relief blog post. Things are about to get exciting!


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10 comments on “Debt-Relief, Settlement and Consolidation Business – Best Marketing & Lead Acquisition Practices for 2013-2015

  1. Charlotte
    February 4, 2013

    This definitely sounds like a LOT of work. But as always “hard work pays off.”

  2. Melissa
    February 4, 2013

    I never realized how much this would benefit a company but it all makes sense now. Buying leads from different vendors, not knowing where the leads have requested the info, can sometimes be very risky. Especially if you are just cold calling leads. It can lead to many complaints and other things. This type of marketing lets you know that consumers applied directly with you and not a 3rd party. It gives you the chance to put your actual product out on the internet so when consumers search for certain terms, they will find whats relevant to their search and that will most of the time lead to you.

    • Ruthy Adorno
      March 6, 2013

      A few more tips to keep in mind Melissa.

      When you buy leads from a third party internet marketing company:

      1. The leads are sold 90% of the time, more than one time.
      This creates a feeling of skepticism for the consumer. This makes it harder to assist a person because they are more skeptical.

      2. Internet marketing companies will focus on less relevant and competitive keywords as a way of getting more leads. This allows them to sell more leads and make more money. However the quality diminishes.

      What does this mean for you? You are getting low quality leads that equal out to having a lower conversion ratio.

      Example: A lead company may have leads coming in from an ad that talks about getting a loan. The lead company will then sell that lead to a debt relief company. A debt relief company will not have a successful return on their investment when they are buying leads that want exactly the opposite of what they have to offer, a loan.

      Producing your own organic traffic based on keywords that are relevant to your business, will produce the best type of lead. On top of that you are providing consumers with exactly what they are looking for. Your ads and web pages have your information on them, which eliminates the skepticism that consumers feel when they are contacted by companies, that are not even related to where they applied.

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