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There are so many scams going on right now in the U.S…  Therefore it is so important for consumers to always visit the BBB website before doing business with any company.  It doesn’t matter if someone is looking to buy insurance, utilize debt relief programs, check out doctors, hair salons, etc…  Always visit the BBB site first!

Avoid These Debt Relief Service Scams At All Cost


The reason why is because if a consumer has a complaint, they go to the BBB to make a complaint.  Everyone knows about the BBB, so that’s the first place that someone goes to make a complaint.  Common sense would, therefore, tell you that visiting the BBB is the best place to check out a company, see how long they have been in business and just check on their overall track record.

The funny thing is when a company tells you that the BBB is a scam.  Anyone telling you that probably owns or works for a company that has a bad rating with the BBB.

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How to Spot Credit Card Debt Relief Scams

How to Check the Validity of a Credit Card Debt Relief Company

If you go to the BBB website to check out a debt relief company and you see that company has 200 unresolved complaints and an F rating, that company is probably a scam company.  However if that same company has 200 complaints and they are all resolved complaints they may not be a scam company, but just a company that you should not do business with.

A complaint being resolved or unresolved is also an important factor to look at.  It’s ok to get a complaint, but it’s not ok to have an unresolved customer complaint.

Keep an Eye on All These Points

The safest bet is to go with a debt relief company that has been in business for at least 5 more years, has an A rating with the BBB and 0 unresolved customer complaints.
Consumers, BE SMART.

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