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career in professional sales as a debt counselor

One of the most satisfying sales jobs for 2021 is the debt counselor position. The job consists of helping consumers live life without debt. And at Golden Financial Services, you’re offering the best debt relief program on the market. But, becoming a debt counselor is not for everyone.
So the question is, would you make a good debt counselor? Answer the following twelve questions to see if debt counseling could be a satisfying carer & if GFS would be a good fit for you.

Would you be a good fit for the debt counselor position?

  1. Are you self-motivated? 
  2. Are you a team player?
  3. Are you confident?
  4. Are you known as a great listener?
  5. Are you a fast learner and able to stay organized with new information? 
  6. Do you enjoy helping people with their financial situation? 
  7. Do people often come to you for financial advice? 
  8. Do you know the differences between chapters 7, 13, and 11 bankruptcy, debt settlement and consolidation, consumer credit counseling, and debt validation programs? 
  9. Do you understand how credit card debt can affect a person’s credit score? (e.g., how credit utilization ratio correlates with credit scores)
  10. Do you understand the factors that help improve a person’s credit score? 
  11. Do you have a professional home office set up that includes a fast internet connection?
  12. Do you have any psychology background, have sales experience, or have you worked for a financial services or debt relief company in the past?

Start by sending your resume and details about yourself and your future goals to if you answered YES to all of the twelve questions. Tell us about why you have left your last place of employment if that’s the case. Tell us about the details of your experience. And express your own words why you think you’ll make a good debt counselor at Golden Financial Services.

What do you do as a sales representative at GFS?

First off, this is a full-time position.

Debt counselors at GFS offer programs to help their fellow Americans deal with overwhelming debt. After near two decades in business, the programs are more effective than ever before. In fact, our top-rated program has gone viral online and is #1 rated on Google. Just search on Google for “debt validation program“. Clients are raving about their success with the program through online reviews and testimonials all across the internet. Because of the success of the program the company has grown at a rate of 171% over the last three years alone.

Sales Jobs at Golden Financial Services: Work at One Of The Fastest Growing Companies for 2021

With happy clients, the referrals keep rolling in! You get to control your own destiny and solidify financial freedom for yourself and your clients.

GFS Credentials:

What is the pay for this type of sales representative job?

Debt counselors at GFS earn, on average, between $75,000 to $95,000 per year.  You’ll be paid an hourly salary during the training stage. Within 6-8 months, your income will grow to $7,000 or more per month (depending on your experience and how hard you work).

Visit GFS’s jobs page to learn more about this full-time position, or if you’re ready to apply, email now.

GFS Offers “Sales Jobs Near Me”

You can work from home as long as you have a professional home office. GFS is set up as an employer in over fifteen states, including Texas, California, Florida, and New York.

Equal Opportunity Employer

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourage women and all nationalities to apply. However, you must be fully proficient in the English Language.

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