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Credit cards have a reputation for being “evil”. This reputation only comes from the actions people take with their credit cards coming back to bite them in the butt. Why do we need credit cards? Are they really as necessary as we think they are? Unfortunately some people believe that whole heartedly. Even though our nation as a whole is in trillions of dollars of debt from years and years of irresponsible spending I believe our new president should think about helping the people of his nation out of their debt in order to get better support from the nations people as a whole. The presidential election even in the last few months of its occurrence was an extremely close race. Everyone assumed that Hilary Clinton would come out on top it then the poles came in and shocked us all. Because over half of the nation voted for the candidate who did not end up being selected they are now having severe emotions towards Donald Trum. If he wants these citizens to back him up on his decisions or at least see him out in a minimal way he needs to help them in a personal way. Helping our nations people out of credit card debt would drastically change the way they view they view Mr. Trump for the better. Donald Trump is wildly known for being such a successful businessman and for knowing how to spend money in the right places. Even though he has already put our nation into more debt since he has been in office than former president Obama ever did in the eight years he was in office, he hasn’t taken action towards the people as a specific view point. He has only, so far, viewed everything about our nation in its entirety or has been focused on foreign affairs. That is the best way for our nation to get out of debt. If we were all even helped partially by the government then told to fix the rest of our debt ourselves by working it off or by other means, I believe we would be more encouraged and willing to participate in doing that. An alternate way to dig ourselves out of credit card would be to simply work for it. Our nation is one of the fattest, laziest nations in the world and our people don’t often like to work for what they have. If as a whole our country came together to help themselves and each other climb out of the hole they have unfortunately fallen through then it wouldn’t better us in more way so than the one. We would have a deeper sense of pride in ourselves and have the genuine desire to work for what we have. People like to feel good about themselves and doing things for yourself and working to better a cause whether it is benefitting you directly or not changes the way you think and act for the better. The more active our nation is with itself the healthier it will become over time. We will encourage each other to find this sensation of accomplishment once we have found it within ourselves. While this second option for credit card debt elimination may not sound appealing to many you could choose to downsize in order to save money and get some money from the things you already have. Downsizing to a smaller home, not as nice house, or not as nice car may not sound appealing either but those large sums of money which you use everyday do not need to be the expensive brands you think you need to have possession of in order to be happy in life. Getting a few thousand dollars from downsizing to a not as nice car or house could be all you need to get out of debt, one step then you are done for good. This would most likely be the option that people would choose the least considering it effects them so personally and so often but this would not have to be a permantent change. No one likes giving up what they use everyday and what is so nice in order to recieve something they can’t even see physically or touch. This would however be the fastest way to get yourself out of debt and you would not have to work to get any of the money you need. While these options for change may not sound appeasing, the real change that will be beneficial is going to Ben the mentality you have once you are free of debt and can live your life exactly the way you wish to.


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