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Whoa! We covered this one 7 years ago, so we thought it was time for an update. For many in debt, it can be difficult to simply read words on a page and be inspired to make progress. However, if you are a visual learner, these videos might make the difference:

This video from Common Cents Mike focuses on how to lower personal interest rates. It’s an approach that is outside of the simple “Make More Money” mantra you always here in these kinds of videos. Instead, Mike focuses on what *else* goes into your credit score, and therefore how to increase your score, lowering interest rates on future credit cards.

This one from Tally Reviews and talks about how modern apps help organize monthly payments so you don’t fall behind:


From August 2012:

Today, Golden Financial Services shares a collection of videos on how to get out of debt quickly!

Mel Thompson provides excellent insight on how to deal with a debt collection company and warns consumers about unreputable debt settlement companies.


This Next Video Explains Credit Card Relief Program Information

Who is Golden Financial Services and how do their programs work?

Golden Financial Services (GFS) explains that credit card debt relief can be achieved through debt relief programs.

GFS also talks about how government credit card debt relief for credit card help is not available. GFS says “government credit card debt relief ads such as ‘Obama Credit Card Debt Relief Program’ or ‘Credit card debt relief government’ can be a scam. The government does help consumers through regulation and information.

It’s amazing how much money ordinary people spend on interest and they usually will not even know it. Sometimes the smallest changes can save you 1000s of dollars. By paying double your minimum payments on unsecured debt, you can save 1000s in interest.

Visit this page next to learn the details of each debt relief program:

Want to settle a debt on your own? Watch this video!

In this next video; Learn How to Pay off $20,000 in Credit Card Debt in 27-Months Without a Program, by Paul Paquin

It’s in the best interest of consumers with high credit card balances to pay double the minimum payments on their credit cards until the balances are paid in full, or at least pay as much as you can until the balance gets paid off.

And don’t let your balances go above 30% of the limit ever again. By keeping your balances paid in full, also helps consumers with building a high credit score. In the end, consumers will pay less money in interest if they can avoid paying minimum payments on maxed-out credit cards.

If debt settlement is your preferred option then make sure it’s with one of the best debt settlement companies.

If debt validation is a program that you are considering, read this page first. 

Debt validation is a great program for anyone with debt collection accounts showing up on their credit report. This type of program forces your debt collectors to validate the debt — before you pay it. Make sure the debt collectors are upholding everything the laws require them to uphold before you start paying on a debt. Often they can’t! Debt validation will assist you with this task.

Golden Financial Services provides consumers with free consultations; information and you will not be pressured into any program, but rather better financially educated.

You may also be interested in this next blog post on how to erase debt.

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