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Stigmas of financial options are often perpetuated by the thought that everything is under control, that debt relief and debt consolidation programs are last resorts, and that debt help is a facade for further predatory behavior. However, those with severe credit card debt are often looking in the wrong places while setting up plans they think are constructive, but actually perpetuate a cycle of repetitious behavior that works like quicksand.

If you can get over the stigmas while researching the actual benefits of credit card debt relief programs, the solutions begin to show up between the lines, and the epiphany that follows can be substantially freeing. Here is the 4-1-1 on some of the ways debt relief and debt consolidation programs can help immediately, with some information that proves these programs are not the end of the road.

Debt Relief Consulting Agencies Benefit From Your Success

Unlike predatory loan companies providing payday loans with sky-high interest rates, debt relief companies actually stand to benefit from your success in remedying your debt. For example, Golden Financial Services works with the top debt relief, settlement, and consolidation companies in the nation and will match you with the option of your choice, without pressuring you toward one solution or the other. While results may vary due to which program a person is approved for, the state they live in, what type of creditors they have and other factors, clients of consulting agencies like Golden Financial Services typically end up paying only around 45% – 75% of their total debt.

How It Works

Golden Financial Services’ credit card debt help starts with a free online consultation you can complete at your own pace. Start by selecting your debt amount, then answer some basic questions about how far behind you are on your rent (be honest), and what state you live in. Lastly, drop some contact info behind so a consultant can reach out to you immediately. The call is also free! Sometimes it helps just to speak 1-on-1 with a knowledgable expert that can calm your concerns about mounting bills, and how you are going to pull out of this tailspin.

The consultant will then follow up with you view your preferred contact method (email is best), providing a landscape of your options while comparing pros and cons of each option. Choose your option, and begin setting up an affordable monthly payment that is agreed upon between you and your creditors. This is not an overnight fix! You can become debt-free in 18-48 months!

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Erasing debt

What IAPDA Certified & Accredited Actually Means

It’s another long acronym that warrants a Google search, but IAPDA stands for the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators. The IAPDA is the consumer debt relief industry’s leader in certification and professional development and is recognized as the world-class standard of excellence for training in customer protection and product knowledge.

Since Golden Financial has obtained this training and certification, you know you can trust them and the knowledgable team of consultants waiting for your call (it also helps that they have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau). 

Additional Online Tools that Don’t Require a Commitment

Before you officially settle on debt relief or debt consolidation as your next step, there are a few additional free tools that can be used to assess your situation. For starters, take a look at a Debt Calculator to aggregate all of your monthly payment commitments in one place. You should probably sit down for this, and take a few deep breaths. In true bad news first so you can cheer back up with good news, next comes the Budget Calculator. This one helps you determine what you can afford after all debts are accounted for, and provides a little stress relief. Having an actual number to shoot for provides much-needed clarity. 

Lastly, the Budget Calculator will ease you right into the Debt Snowball Payment Calculator. If you are not familiar with the snowball payment method for cutting debt, it’s worth the read to get up to speed. Snowball payments work by attacking your credit cards with the lowest balance and/or interest rates, and snowballing your way up to knocking out the biggest debts while making minimum payments on all other cards and bills. This frees up an emergency fund cash flow while reducing your total debt, and restoring some balance to your debt to credit ratio. 

The snowball method is not meant to be a quick fix. This process takes dedication and steady non-spending. If this sounds like it would be too little, too late for you, proceed to the paragraph below.

If you found this blog post while looking for financial advice or assistance with credit card debt relief or debt consolidation, call Golden Financial Services today at (866)-376-9846 or You can check out the rest of their blog here, and do your research on our services here.

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