Debt does not discriminate. No matter what your nationality, age or skin color — debt will drag you into the trenches if you let it. Golden Financial Services decided to share insight gathered from quantitative and qualitative research. People in debt often shy away from seeking debt relief assistance due to “fears,” and try to keep their debt problems private rather than being proactive — in fear of being embarrassed or shamed. The fact of the matter is that any one of us can get in over our head’s in debt, and it’s not your fault. These are practical scenarios and real solutions to everyday people who had debt but proactively took action and resolved their debt problems. Enjoy their stories.

Living in debt; what's the real persona's attached to people living in debt. Golden Financial Services provides detailed answers from their quantitative and qualitative research on the subject, aimed at helping others in debt.

Image 2 illustrating the goals and frustrations incurred by people who have debt and are seeking debt relief solutions.

Debt Relief Solutions are revealed for each of the 3 different commons persona's studied by Golden Financial Services.

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