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Attention Debt Settlement Business Owners!

It’s time to sit back, and analyze your current debt relief business structure If there is room for improvement, make it happen!

Are you getting the client retention that you would like to see for your business?

Would you like to get more referrals, or free business?

Don’t you feel that it is necessary to partner with a company that assists your business, with marketing?  Here is the best marketing and lead generation advice that anyone could give to you.  Read it all!  If you have any questions, then simply call us at 866-491-3095.

Our clients deserve the best and they get it!

Isn’t it time to offer your potential clients the best possible debt relief option and save them the most money?

The Best Debt Settlement Partnerships in the US at Golden Financial Services
Improve your Current Debt Settlement Business Infrastructure!

Here’s why a debt settlement plan supported by

Golden Financial Services really adds up.

The firm’s value proposition includes such benefits as listed

  1. Better Business Bureau A+ Rating and in business since 2004.
  2. All unsecured debts quality as long as the balance is over $500.  Learn more about our debt settlement program.
  3. Clients have 24/7 online access to their account including educational information and videos, document storage including settlement letters, monthly updates, creditor offers, activity notes, the ability to update their budget and make changes on their account, the ability to upload statements, access to their trust account and much more!
  4. On average there is over 16 million dollars’ worth of debt being settled on a monthly basis in our negotiators department.  This provides our negotiators with more leverage to solidify larger discounts with our client’s creditors.
  5. Lawsuits and Judgments are responded to appropriately by our partner attorneys that we include in the program, for our clients.  Clients receive the full legal protection that they could need, while on a debt settlement program.
  6. The debt settlement program includes a designated legal assistant for each client, which is there to provide them with professional and personalized attention.
  7. We ensure that each client is matched with a highly rated attorney in their state, who is there to provide them with legal protection, while on the program. 
  8. We are currently experiencing the highest client retention rate that we have seen over the last decade.  What does better retention mean for you?  Your business will receive more referrals.  Your clients will receive the quality service that they require, in order to be successful on the program.  With success, your business will grow and become more profitable, and for the long term.

On top of negotiating and settling the client’s debt, each client receives the following service and legal service.

  • Initial legal file review 
  • Welcome call from the legal team that we assign to their case
  • Insolvency Analysis
  • State and Federal Compliance Monitoring
  • FDCPA Enforcement Program and education on their rights as a consumer
  • Income Analysis
  • Asset Preservation Plan
  • Monthly Review and Recommendations
  • Legal Hot-line for Related Program Questions
  • General Information Hot-line for non-program related questions
  • Litigation Circumvention Program
  • Document Preparation for response to Filed Complaints
  • Reduced fee for actual court representation

Debt Calculator

Here is a debt calculator for consumers to use, which illustrates how much money consumers will pay back to the credit card companies on their own, with debt management or through a debt negotiation program. 

Better Business Bureau

By clicking on this link it will take you directly to our Better Business Bureau profile page.  You can see that Golden Financial Services does have an A+ Rating, how long we have been in business and that we have zero unresolved customer complaints over the last nine years.

What is Debt Settlement?

If you are new to the world of Debt Settlement, but would like to learn more about it, then we recommend that you start by reading this detailed page on, what is debt settlement?”

You will feel good at the end of the day, knowing that your company took part, in helping consumers through one of the most effective debt relief programs in America.  

As a debt settlement business owner, you will be relieving your fellow Americans from having to deal with the horrific stress caused by overwhelming debt.  Our management department, here at Golden Financial Services, will partner with you every step of the way!

Debt settlement can relieve a person from having to deal with financial stress!
Helping Americans to pay off debt since 2004!

Golden Financial Services

See if you qualify to be a debt settlement business partner with Golden Financial Services, by calling our Toll Free # at 866-491-3095


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