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Scam Alert Golden Financial loans

Warning About a Loan Scam!!  Read Carefully

Debt relief programs can help you quickly escape high bills, but in this day and age, scams are out there so you need to be careful. From loan scams to identity theft, scammers are using spoofing (i.e., pretending to be reputable companies). We’re about to explain what you need to know in order to catch a scammer before they catch you!

Scam Alert Golden Financial loans

If you are in the market for debt relief, debt consolidation, a personal loan, or a business loan, you will likely have come across the name Golden Financial Services as a Premier Debt Relief Company. You may have seen the name during a google search, or you may have received an e-mail or a voicemail from an employee after being referred for GFS’ services.  At this point, it is natural to wonder if a.) this company is legitimate, and b.) if the person you are working with really works for this company.

Is Golden Financial Services a Scam?

Golden Financial Services has been in business since 2004.  We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, 4.9 stars with Google, and we are the #1-rated company on Trusted Company  Thousands of relieved and happy customers will tell you how glad they are that they contacted us.

Are there other companies out there called Golden Financial, or similar names?  Yes.  Are there other people in the world who will try to pretend to be with us to take your money.  Yes.

So how do you know if you are working with a scam artist or the real deal?

If you work in an industry where you need to distinguish between counterfeit money and genuine money, you will be given two types of tools:  training on what genuine money looks like and what counterfeit money looks like; and special markers or machines that will illuminate the difference on individual bills.  Today we will give you similar tips by showing you what a real GFS employee will do, what they will not do, and the simplest way to tell if an individual is a counterfeit or the real deal.

What Does GFS Do? (The Real Deal)

The most frequent kind of assistance we offer, by far, is in debt relief.  Here is what you can expect to happen in a debt relief consultation.

  • 1. We will ask for information to see what kinds of programs you qualify for.
    • This will include your state of residence, your amount of debt and what kind of accounts you have, the current payment status, how much you currently pay, what your goals and concerns are, and any relevant hardship information.
    • Only after you have decided to complete an application for services will we ask for banking information for payments.
  • 2. We may ask your permission to pull a credit report, to give us a clearer picture of how much the balances are in your accounts. This allows us to see more exactly what your balances are on your accounts, so we can give you more accurate information in recommendations and quotes.
    • You are not required to allow us to pull a credit report; however, most potential clients prefer this method because it means less work for them and a free report.
    • A full social security number is necessary for this credit report to be pulled, but once it is saved in our system it is replaced with asterisks for your protection.
  • 3. In the case of student loan consolidation, we will ask you to provide information about your online FSA portal login. You will also need to fill out a student loan relief online application.
  • 4. We will discuss the options available to you based on the information you have given us. Sometimes we will discuss the pros and cons of multiple debt relief options; sometimes only one will be available.  Other people do not qualify for any of our programs and we will simply advise them based on the circumstances they have shared with us.
  • 5. When a client chooses one of our programs, we will prepare a written agreement for the program.
    • Only at this stage of the process will payment account numbers/routing numbers be discussed, and only after the start of the program will any payment be drafted. Clients will be able to choose the date of their first payment and of any subsequent payments.
    • Once a program begins, payments will be drafted by program processors and never in the name of GFS or any GFS employee.

Additional Financial Options at Golden Financial

Golden Financial Services can help people in a variety of other ways, depending on circumstances.  These include: offering business loans, purchasing properties that owe back taxes (in select cities), and providing scholarships.

What Does GFS Not Do? (The Fakes)

Services We Do Not Provide

  • 1. Golden Financial Services does not provide personal loans. We do not provide personal loans or consolidation loans of any kind.  Anyone claiming otherwise is a scammer.
  • 2. Golden Financial Services does not operate outside of the United States. Although we are very proud to have many multilingual members of our team, we are unable to assist anyone who lives outside of the USA and its territories.
    • If you live in another country and someone claims to work for Golden Financial Services and says they want to help you, they are a scammer. Please don’t provide them with any personal information or any money.
  • 3. Golden Financial Services does not provide a service to improve a person’s credit score. Credit restoration is included in the debt validation program, but no credit repair program can guarantee to improve a person’s credit score. The credit restoration program included with debt validation, is designed to dispute any inaccurate information on a person’s credit report, including any invalidated debts after the debt validation proves these accounts to be legally uncollectible. Keep in mind, once a debt becomes legally uncollectible it can no longer legally remain on a person’s credit report.

What Does Not Happen in a Debt Relief Consultation

  • 1. We do not pull your credit report without your permission.
  • 2. We do not require you to put all of your accounts into any program in order to qualify. Although we must ensure that you meet a program’s requirements for overall qualifying debt amounts, we will not pressure you to include any other accounts.
  • 3. We do not ask you to wire us any money. There is no startup fee, no consultation fee, and absolutely no “Up Front” fee.
    • If you do sign an agreement with an account manager, they will read the entire document with you and answer any questions you have prior to proceeding with submitting the application.


How Do I Know if This Person Works for GFS? (The Markers and Machines)

The easiest way to ask the source!  Let’s say that I get a call from John Doe claiming to work for Citi Bank, wanting to talk about my account.  The easiest way for me to know who John Doe works for is for me to do an online search for Citi’s main customer service number and ask if they have been trying to reach me and if John Doe is their representative.

In our case, our main number is 866-376-9846.  Ask if the person who contacted you really works for us, and if the number you saw on your caller ID is really their number.  We will never discourage you from safeguarding your finances!

Remember: if your country of residence is not the United States and someone from Golden Financial Services is claiming to want to work with you, do not give them any private information and do not send them any money.

Visit Better Business Bureau for reputable debt relief companies

You can also visit the Better Business Bureau and search for a company there.

You will be able to see A) if the company is highly rated B) has unresolved complaints and negative reviews, and C) you can then contact the company from the phone number and website listed directly at the Better Business Bureau’s website.

Golden Financial Services is listed at the San Diego Better Business Bureau with zero unresolved complaints and an A+ rating (click to verify).

What Do I Do if a Debt Consolidation Scammer Has Contacted Me?

If you have been contacted by someone claiming to work for Golden Financial Services who does not really work for us, please let us know.  Give us the details on how they contacted you, what they said, and what they wanted from you.  Send an e-mail to so we can follow up with you and the proper authorities.

Due to the industry-leading methods and network of programs at Golden Financial Services, we can assist clients with credit card, personal loans, medical debt, deficiencies from repossessions, federal and private student loans, and credit restoration.

Call 866-376-9846 to consult with an IAPDA certified counselor about the best debt relief process available in your state to meet your specific needs.


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